Amira Pocher is afraid every night

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From: Claire Weiss


Pietro Lombardi’s house was broken into last year while the Pochers lived there. The incident seems to have been traumatic, especially for Amira Pocher. She is still suffering the consequences.

Cologne – On January 20, 2022, a man entered Pietro Lombardi’s (30) house. At that time, Oliver (44) and Amira Pocher (30) lived in the house because their own home was badly damaged in the flood disaster. The burglar stole valuable jewelry from Amira.

Burglar stole valuable jewelry from Amira Pocher

On Wednesday morning (January 25, 2023), the couple testified before the Cologne district court. The accused Alexandar J. (30) was arrested because DNA traces were found at the crime scene. At trial he apologized for his actions and pleaded guilty. He accidentally passed the open window and then broke into the garage. He grabbed a watch and chain from the bathroom and climbed out the same window.

Amira Pocher is afraid every night
Amira and Oliver Pocher report on the court hearing in their Instagram stories. © Instagram/Amira Pocher & Instagram/Oliver Pocher

Amira and Oliver Pocher were not at home at the time of the break-in, but the nanny, Amira’s brother, a friend and their two sons (1 and 2 years old at the time) were. The comedian and his wife came home around 10 p.m. Amira immediately noticed the missing jewelry. A 35,000 euro watch, Cartier earrings and a chain were stolen.

Amira Pocher has been suffering from anxiety since the burglary

“I don’t care about the objects anymore. But the fear is bad. I’ve been panicking ever since. Every sound makes my heart race. So now I have cameras everywhere”, Amira Pocher complains according to She hasn’t had a quiet night since the burglary. However, she is relieved that it did not happen in her own house, so the perpetrator does not know where she really lives. Luckily, your children would not have noticed the burglar.

Amira was reimbursed 50,000 euros by the insurance company, the value of the jewelry was 69,000 euros. Now the Pochers seem to want to emigrate. Amira Pocher is said to have already bought a property abroad. Sources used: