Amira Pocher reports after a slap attack

Oliver Pocher has not yet made a statement about the shock whistle. His wife Amira Pocher is now speaking up for this.

the essentials in brief

  • Oliver Pocher was attacked in a boxing match at the weekend.
  • The comedian from Fat Comedy received a severe slap in the face.
  • Now Pocher’s wife Amira speaks up.

Comedian Oliver Pocher (44) will probably not be forgotten this Saturday night.

When Felix Sturm (43) boxed in Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle, he was slapped hard out of nowhere. Oliver Pocher was attacked by fellow comedian Fat Comedy (real name Omar).

So far there has been no comment from Pocher himself. But from his wife Amira Pocher (29).

“Last night some unemployed, dope wannabe rapper comedian slapped my husband on the face. But a decent one, »said Amira on Instagram.

“Of course filmed and uploaded, sent to people, linked so that you can be seen.”

Fat Comedy writes the following about his attack in a post that has since been deleted. «Because you have such an ugly character. Likes to humiliate people, support people who claim they’ve been raped when they’re not. I am very happy to accept the ad.”

Fat Comedy is one of the closest friends of rapper Samra (27). He had to face rape allegations last year.

What do you think of the attack on Oliver Pocher.

At the time, rapper Samra defended himself against the serious allegations and denied them. Oliver Pocher also addressed the allegations.

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