Amira Pocher sick – Olli kisses someone else

Because they don't know what's happening

In “Because they don’t know what’s happening” Schöneberger and Gottschalk competed against each other – Oliver Pocher was also there.Image: screenshot RTL


Charlotte Zinc

The second half of the “Because they don’t know what’s happening” winter games started with a surprise on Sunday evening: Comedian Olaf Schubert and influencer Amira Pocher were spontaneously announced as prominent challengers. The two should compete as a “team tank top” against Barbara Schöneberger and Thomas Gottschalk.

However, Schubert and Amira Pocher did not go down the stairs to the studio. Instead, the comedian was accompanied by colleague Oliver Pocher. After all: He wore – at least briefly – a black wig, make-up and a leather jacket to visually resemble his wife.

“Actually, Amira would have been there,” explained Pocher. “But she’s pregnant!?” Jauch joked cheekily. “Please, that would be the best news I could have imagined to start the new year with!”, replied Pocher. In fact, his wife is unfortunately ill.

Because they don't know what's happening

Oliver Pocher replaced his wife Amira.Image: screenshot RTL

Schöneberger kisses Pocher

At home in bed, Amira Pocher had to be very strong promptly. Because her husband really let it rip in the studio. In the game “disc spokesman” he showed himself intimately snogging with competitor Schöneberger.

For the challenge, a small pane of glass was brought into the studio at face level for each of the team partners. The rules of the game: press your lips firmly to the glass and say a term that the other person must understand and name correctly.

So far so good. However, Schöneberger and Pocher did not miss out on having fun with the panes and pretended through the glass as if they were kissing passionately. “I think that’s how Karl Lauterbach gets horny!” Pocher joked. What do you think Amira said about it?

Because they don't know what's happening

Barbara Schöneberger “smooched” with Oliver Pocher.Image: screenshot RTL

Jauch slips up in the spontaneous moderation

TV veteran Jauch could lean back on Sunday evening. He should now even be able to moderate in his sleep. Ironically, Jauch made an annoying glitch during a guessing game.

In the “snow flurry” game, both teams had to recognize celebrities in photos. The difficulty here: all the images were hidden behind a flurry of snow that only slowly cleared.

Billy Eilish, Joe Biden and Rowan Atkinson: After seven rounds, “Team Pullunder” finally won the challenge. Because only Pocher and Schöneberger from both teams were actively involved, the comedian suggested that an extra round could be played for fun, in which Gottschalk competed against Schubert.

Although that deviated from the game timetable, Jauch had nothing against it. “Then the Hackl Schorsch please,” he said loudly in the direction of the director and immediately added: “Oh, that’s stupid.” The reason: he had already revealed the solution of the last round. 2So we saved a bit of time,” Jauch commented on the incident, which caused general amusement. Where he’s right…

Because they don't know what's happening

Günther Jauch moderated the show.Image: screenshot RTL

Gottschalk grumbles through the final game

After all, every second counted in the final game on Sunday evening – at least for Thomas Gottschalk. In the last round, both teams stood in front of a wall and had to answer questions. Your space was getting narrower and narrower, because for each wrongly answered question, a stone pushed out of the wall. Likewise if the opposing team scored a point.

The result: Within a very short time, all the celebrities were standing in front of the wall in the strangest contortions. Apparently a torment for Gottschalk. Again and again you could hear him swearing into his microphone from the off.

Because they don't know what's happening

Thomas Gottschalk struggled in the last game.Image: screenshot RTL

“It sucks today,” he said clearly, for example. The 72-year-old also revealed to fellow campaigner Schöneberger: “My intervertebral disc!” It was also Gottschalk who was the first to fall from the climbing wall into the foam pool.

Schöneberger followed only a little later. The second broadcast of the “Because they don’t know what’s going to happen” Winter Games won “Team Pullover”.

It starts in a few days, from January 13th, twelve celebrities will fight again in the Australian bush on “I’m a star – get me out of here!” around the jungle crown. After the show had guest performances in Germany and South Africa in the last two years due to the corona pandemic, the journey is now going back Down Under. Cosimo Citiolo, better known as “the checker from the Neckar”, will also be there this year.