Amparo Grisales, Margarita Rosa de Francisco and more famous people who are not mothers

Answering the questions of whether they are going to be mothers is already an old story for some celebrities, while there are some who are barely over 30 years old and constantly have to answer that question that is uncomfortable for many.

In the country there are several women who decided not to have children and on their social networks or in interviews They have told the reasons for making this decision that for many is abnormal, although for them it is not unreasonable.

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Amparo Grisales did think about having children, but then she no longer

This is how the jury of ‘My name is’ told it about which a singer has a tattoo. In an interview with El Tiempo, she said that she made her decision from “very young”. “I have tenderness but no maternal instinct. I love my three nephews and I like babies, but from afar“, he explained in that 2009 talk.

There they reminded her that in her youth she said that she did want to be a mother and this gave an explanation with which many women can feel identified. “Surely it was because at that age one has high expectations and saw it as a possibility. I dare to confess that perhaps I felt that women attacked me, because it was not politically correct to say that I did not want to have a child, when everyone’s madness was to see me pregnant. The truth is that if I had wanted to have a child, I would have had one, even without a stable partner.

Some of the reasons she gave for not being a mother are that she was always afraid of being a mother, that she “overwhelms the overpopulation of the world and live a chaotic time in which young people feel lost and dragged before temptations such as drugs and alcohol, or poorly managed sex that translates into the horror of pregnant 12-year-old girls”

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Little does she expose her private life, but in a conversation with El Tiempo, in 2012, she said that the idea of ​​being a mother never crossed her mind. “It has never been in my dreams; yes, in my worst nightmares. It never occurred to me to be a momNor have I regretted not being. I didn’t even dream of that when I was little. I dreamed of being a singer, an actress, but not with the prince and the little house.”

Contrary to many women, one of the 11 former presenters of the ‘Challenge’ pointed out that he did not even think about marriage and that she has lived much more peacefully.

I have made my life, I have my house, I love not depending on anyone. I am with a person because I really want to and not to have stability. It is a feeling of freedom that I would never want to lose,” she noted.

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Although they have been married for more than 20 years, this solid couple has decided not to have children and now that they are living new stages further away from acting, they also enjoy activities that they could not do if they had the little ones at home.

Seven years ago, the actress confessed that she was not ready to be a mother and that she found in her husband the necessary support to make this a life decision as a couple.

The normal thing is that couples get married and have children, but we are not prepared for them. It bothers me that they ask that question at the premiere of a soap opera, they ask me that question because I want to talk about my success, not my children,” he confessed to El Día.

Alejandra Azcárate did not have children, but she does like children

On several occasions she has spoken about this subject and has even made monologues in which she puts humor to what people say about parenting.

In his social networks he also answered these questions and on one occasion he said: “Of course not (he wants to have children) and when they ask him why it is as if one had to justify himself and I do not agree with that. I don’t want to have children because I don’t want to. I love children, not wanting to have their own is something else“He pointed out on his Instagram account.

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Why Mary Méndez, from ‘La Red’, does not have children

She talks less and less about her private life and she never heard of the boyfriend that her program partners revealed to her several months ago.

Although he has had very long relationships, she never had children and onceon her social networks, shed light on what led her to make that decision.

I don’t want anything that commits me for life to nothing“He explained on his Instagram account.