Amparo told in ‘Yo me llamo’ how they made her fall in love; scolded Yeison Jimenez

The Colombian actress was captivated by that ‘show’ in ‘My name is’ and said that feelings were expressed in a better way several decades ago.

Amparo Grisales he said that love should return “with the senses, and not through a telephone”. He added that before that feeling was more innocent and beautiful.

The jury continued with its list: “Go dancing rock and roll with your partner, dress nicely for the boyfriend or the boy you like.”

However, Yeison Jiménez cut off his inspiration and He made a very unsubtle comment.

“It was my turn on the ‘jean days’, the ‘bluyineada’, everything was hard there,” noted the popular artist.

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Amparo Grisales scolds Yeison Jiménez for chambón

The singer’s comment was so out of place that the diva reacted immediately and scolded him.

“But why don’t you let me talk pretty? He always puts his chambonada, man! Inspiration has already damaged me. Tap there.”

However, Amparo continued to tell how they fell in love with her in her time. He said that it was a whole process, of various looks, of various approaches and —if he found someone he liked—he would dance with him.

It was at this point that they whispered in his ear. “They said rich things to one and one bristled. After that talk, they asked one if she wanted to be his girlfriend, One was already coming out and sucking her trunk at the movies.”

Here, that funny moment: