‘Amsterdam’ HBO series, shows love in times of the internet and its relationship with a puppy

CDMX.- Mauricio Rousselon is ‘Diego’ in the new HBO series: “Amsterdam” that talks about love in the times of the internet and like a puppy, he arrives to fix everything.

The series stars Mexican actress Naian González Norvind and Sebastián Buitrón, under the direction of Gustavo Taretto.

Mauricio. Photo: Courtesy

The series will have 10 episodes of 30 minutes each.

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Mauricio Rousselon who plays Diego, a member of the LGBT+ community, contributes significantly to the narrative of “Amsterdam”. In this regard, he spoke about his participation.

The vast majority will be identified, reflected in everyday situations, which take away extraordinary love, friends, and people will like that,” he said by telephone.

“Amsterdam” tells the story of Nadia and Martín in their attempt to succeed in the art scene of the Condesa neighborhood, a cosmopolitan neighborhood in CDMX. The original Mexican HBO Max series also had locations in Uruguay, which resulted in a unique, young and representative touch.

We arrived on set in mid-2021, with all the care and it is wonderful to work with this story. It is wonderfully written, all the characters are taken care of so that they are natural, real, and that they connect with each one of them, “he said.

The new original series of HBO talks about the couple’s relationship with their puppy, and how the little animal ends up being a crucial part of the relationship.

Mauricio as Diego, in character. Photo: Courtesy

In addition, Mauricio acknowledges that this work helped him break schemes.

The series aims to be a success. Photo: Special

“I removed stereotypes, some cobwebs from my head, I said: Go ahead, let’s play! and that gave us a good result in the end,” she commented.

Mauricio advanced the plans he has for this year, and that little by little he returns to normal.

The dog of Amsterdam. Photo: Special

“The content and number of platforms are once again focused on the task of generating new stories. The Callbacks, there are several out there, but happy with everything that is coming, ”he concluded.

The series will be available on HBO starting this Sunday, March 20.

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