an actress mother of her 2nd child, this touching photo

This is good news that came behind the scenes of the TV series More beautiful life. Indeed, an actress has revealed to be a mother for the second time! And she even revealed a photo to her fans!

More beautiful life, a successful series!

It is a television series that has been the glory days of the France 3 channel for many years.

Indeed, she knew how to give great moments to the viewers, who were able to escape from their daily lives for several times.

For this, you should know that this show features many scenarios. All of which take place at the level of Marseille, allowing all the people who watch it to travel.

Several scenarios are possible, making it possible to highlight family stories. But also conflicts and other aspects that may interest viewers.

However, after many years of good and loyal service, the latter will bow out in 2022. A shock announcement for fans, who were particularly surprised to see an actress from More beautiful life announce his second birth!

Good news for the actress and her fans who notably had the right to a photo!

An actress of More beautiful life mom for the second time!

This is good news that has arrived for the fans of the series More beautiful life.

Indeed, they were lucky to see that one of their favorite actresses was a mom for the second. This caused a strong emotion for the latter and for the relatives of the latter!

While the series will soon have to hang up its microphones and go out forever, the family seems to be growing! Indeed, Prudence Leroy seems to live life to the fullest, which allows her to see all this from another angle.

The latter celebrated her birthday on May 6, 2022, and for the occasion, she revealed a big surprise to her fans! Indeed, two years after giving birth to her first son Kyle-Xavier, she was able to give birth to another child!

The interpreter of Fanny still wanted to keep her sex and her first name secret, increasing the curiosity of her fans. But she notably clarified the following thing, leaving some clues: “ The best birthday present of my life! Baby E is here. Thank you. Everything is fine ! Have a great week everyone #taurus #daughter #thankyou“.

All this was written under the photos on which we can see the hand of her child, which is the fruit of her love with her companion.

Many people wanted to bring their satisfaction and congratulations to the young mother. Thus, we can see the following messages: Magnificent!!! Welcome!!! Kisses to this newcomer and to you 4 as a result“, wrote his colleague Rebecca Hampton (who plays Celine Fremont).Oooooh but what wonderful news, enjoy“, wrote Elodie Varlet (Estelle Cantorel)

She confides in her abstention

The actress of More beautiful life wanted to highlight the reasons for his lack of precision on his new child.

An aspect that protects his privacy and can increase the curiosity of his fans.

Thus, she recently spoke about her first child, giving the reasons for her first name: “ I wanted him to be the only one of his generation. His name is Kyle-Xavier. We agreed with the dad on this idea of ​​a first name very quickly, we found it together. Xavier is the father’s first name. I call my son Baby KX“.

But the actress More beautiful life particularly wanted to talk about her delivery and the difficulties she experienced: “ The birth went well. The most important moment for me was the meeting with the baby, I had never wondered about childbirth. I had absolutely no information. I told myself that each pregnancy, like each childbirth, was unique, and that I would see how mine would”.

Good news for fans of the latter!