“An adjective that describes me during Cannes? Drunk”

The actor plays with Marion Cotillard in Brother and sister, by Arnaud Desplechin, in the official selection at Cannes.

Miss Figaro. – The main trait of your character?
Melvil Poupaud.– Empathy. A professional deformation.

Which one are you least proud of?
Paranoid, but I’m taking care of myself.

Your anti-stress thing in Cannes?
Love the films I present.

Your green gesture?
I have no smartphone, no car, and I have a non-electric bicycle. In short, I consume little.

Your currency ?
“What would Jesus do?”

On video, Brother and sister, the teaser

An adjective that describes you during Cannes?

On the Croisette, what are you taking?
A tuxedo.

The cast of an ideal dinner in Cannes?
My friends Arnaud Desplechin, Marion Cotillard, Benjamin Biolay and Chiara Mastroianni.

Your reunion with Arnaud Desplechin for Brother and sister ?
I was apprehensive: I know Arnaud very demanding, and the role was immense. But from the very first days, I felt an osmosis and a complicity which, I believe, transfigured us.

What seduced you in the role of Louis?
Its madness, its torment, its counterbalanced lightness, its wholeness, its violence, its need for light.

The Simpsons remind me of our giggles with my daughter

Melvil Poupaud

What place does siblings have in your life?
Central. I have a brother who is a friend. And friends who are my brothers.

The gift you often give?
The latest novel by my ex-wife, Georgina Tacou: Gospel of the Lost.

Music in your life?
Fip Radio does the job well.

The book that accompanies you?
I always have three or four with me, but my copy of the New Testament never leaves me: it fits in my pocket and does good. Like a flask of whiskey.

The Palme that marked you?
Pulp Fiction. Since then, I see all the Tarantinos on the day of their release: it’s a renewed adolescent pleasure.

A meeting in Cannes that marked you?
Jean-Pierre Léaud, who possesses the mythical aura of great actors and poets. I remember a table with Raúl Ruiz, Bertolucci and others… A time when the “stars” still ate pizzas on the old port before climbing the steps.

Your luxury in Cannes?
Playing James Bond in hotel bars drinking cocktails in a tuxedo.

Your favorite series?
The Simpsons. They remind me of our giggles with my daughter when she was a child.

A city that looks like you?
Chef-Boutonne, where my grandfather was born. It’s lost and there is very little network.

An essential app during Cannes?
If I had a smartphone: RunPee, which tells you when to go to the bathroom during a movie without missing anything.

Brother and sister, by Arnaud Desplechin. Released May 20.

Source- https://madame.lefigaro.fr/celebrites/melvil-poupaud-un-adjectif-qui-me-decrit-pendant-cannes-ivre-20220515