An employee mistakenly receives 286 times his salary, he resigns and vanishes

It is an incredible story that we are going to tell you today. That of a Chilean, who mistakenly received 286 times his salary. Except that instead of reimbursing, the employee resigned and vanished. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

A salary of €170,000 instead of his usual €515

Errors at the bank are common. But this employee certainly did not expect such a big mistake from his employer. Indeed, instead of receiving his usual 500,000 pesos, or nearly 515 euros, the employee of Cial (Consorcio industrial de alimentos), the leader in charcuterie in Chile, received no less than 170,000 euros. A fortune in the country, when we know that the average salary is 750 euros per month. Following this error, the employee quickly speaks to his manager who escalates the incident to his management.

She then decides to summon the man and the guest to reimburse the overpayment. At first, he is cooperative and assures that he will go to the bank the next morning to regularize the situation. Except, that won’t be the case at all. Indeed, the next day, the hours pass. And no trace of the transfer and above all, the employee does not report for duty.

He sends a letter of resignation before disappearing

Eventually, the company manages to reach him. And there, he pretends a breakdown of alarm clock and reiterates his commitment to get closer to his bank to return the unduly collected funds. Days pass and nothing goes as planned. Indeed, the employee will not have resisted the temptation to keep the money. Several days after the incident, the company’s human resources department received a letter of resignation from the employee. He therefore vanished by pocketing the 170,000 euros.

Not sure, that legally this parade is enough to block the continuations. And there will be lawsuits. Obviously, his ex-company does not intend to stop there. She decided to file an embezzlement complaint against the man in question. The document states in particular:He was informed and clarified that this money did not correspond to the payment of any service“. If he is found, the ex-employee will therefore have to return the sum, and could be prosecuted.

How is it in France?

In France, the employer can ask his former employee to reimburse sums unfairly paid within 3 years from the end of the employment contract. All sums paid in excess during the 3 years preceding the end of the employment contract are concerned. In this situation, the employer can offer his former employee the conditions for an amicable reimbursement. In case of refusal, the former employer can take legal action. It remains to be seen now how things are going in Chile. We will keep you posted.