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The breakup of the singer Shakira and Gerard Piqué has brought out the unimaginable details of what their relationship was like for 12 years. But their children are the most precious bond that the couple can have, and in order to achieve the best for them, it remains to define what their destiny will be next to their parents.

In the statement announcing their separation, the interpreter of “I congratulate you” “asked for respect for privacy for the well-being of her children”, a premise that has led her to be cautious and remain silent, while following the outcome of her life after that the footballer left home to settle in Muntaner street.

The fame that covers both celebrities keeps them on a thorny stage, after the member of the Barça team is accused of being unfaithful to the singer, compromising images that speak of his light life at bachelor parties come to light.

These are the law firms that Shakira and Piqué chose to fight for the custody of their children

There is no talk of any reconciliation between Shakira and Gerard Piqué. The love that once united them is over and now they have to finalize a process in which they must establish agreements on the custody of 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha.

And according to La Vanguardia, the former couple is already preparing to start negotiations regarding the future of their heirs. In this sense, the newspaper published in Barcelona published that according to sources close to the celebrities, it was known which law firms would be in charge of their interests.

In this way, he announced that Shakira chose the law firm of Pilar Mañé – a lawyer specializing in Family Law -, while the athlete and businessman trusted the services of Tamborero Abogados, both firms are recognized in the Iberian country for their outstanding track record in legal disputes of well-known characters in their country.

Piqué’s representatives are endorsed by the divorce from the former Spanish tennis player Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, and their reputation has led them to face each other in court serving clients who are celebrities.

Faced with a separation that has become so mediatic, it is expected that the duel of these legal offices will be epic by taking a case that maintains the attention of millions of fans who seek to know what will happen to the fate of their children, and the businesses that for years they brought together.

The rumors of the departure for Miami

The signed negotiations will be the ones that put an end to the rumors that continue to be aired in the international media. The press assures that the singer does not want to stay in Barcelona, ​​and that her intentions would be to move to Miami with her children.

No one close to the family has spoken about it, much less those directly involved, so the fate of the residence where the Colombian will live remains a matter of controversy.

Meanwhile, Piqué is already shown in his role as a single father demanding the visitation regime and the custody of the children during the weekends, after being seen traveling to London to the Wimbledon tournament.

The FC Barcelona footballer, Gerard Piqué was at the All England Club with his children to watch Rafa Nadal’s training at Wimbledon. EFE/Manuel Sanchez
Photo: Manuel Sanchez

Shakira’s proposal

According to the Spanish newspaper, Shakira insists on leaving Barcelona and distance herself from the world she had for more than a decade. And she, in return, would be willing to give up a very extensive visitation regime for the enjoyment of the paternity of the culé team player.

However, it is repeated over and over again that the Barca defender is not willing to allow his children to move from the country where they were born and where they continue their studies, in an environment that has been familiar to him since childhood.

While the discussions are taking place, Shakira is willing not to give in easily, since she has already prohibited Piqué from entering her mansion, so she must wait for the staff to deliver her children to take them to school.

Rumors will continue to detail how the crisis that put an end to the relationship of one of the strongest couples in the world of international entertainment originated. (AND)

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