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adamari lopez keep betting to get your best version to your 50 years reinforcing their beauty care Y daily routines to maintain her slim figure.

The presenter of ‘Today’ shared his new treatment beauty to which he underwent to improve the appearance of his eyebrows.

It’s about a brow lamination with Melanie Jovanović, from Mela Beauty Studio, in Miami, which gave a new look to his face.

The eyebrows is one of the most important areas of the face because they frame the gaze and must harmonize with the set of face oval.

Adamari Lopez and her new look

Through the stories of his Instagram showed how the process applied with keratin to get the eyebrows plus defined, separate and abundant, giving the face a lifting effect and very fresh natural.

Hello my beautiful people. Here I am pampering myself a little bit, doing the brow lamination where Mela ”, she expressed.

adamari lopez

Adamari She was amazed at her new appearance while lying on a stretcher with marks on her eyebrows.

The Puerto Rican It has no filters when showing each of its treatments to show off beautiful and youthful, managing to be one of the most beautiful faces on television thanks to each of his care.

Finally, he showed the result of the treatment sporting a more profiled face with a more accentuated look and thicker eyebrows.

the too actress se has been commissioned to inspire thousands of women with his life storyafter overcoming breast cancer, fighting to become a mother and two separations.

She is an example of bravery, strength and warrior woman. More than 10 kilos reduced, It goes to maintain your figure and enhance your beauty.

Their fans They have taken it upon themselves to let her know how much they admire her and how beautiful she looks.

“What a great woman”, “How beautiful and strong you are”, “You are worthy of admiration”, “Everything looks good on you”, “That, a new treatment to continue being more beautiful”, they comment on her.