An impersonator of Andrés Cepeda had an unexpected reaction after finding out that he had played with Marbelle in ‘La descarga’

The discharge advanced to the second stage of the competition and has already given way to this season’s mentors to select the participants to be part of their teams. The participants once again presented their talent on stage and integrated each of the groups led by Maía, Marbelle, Santiago Cruz and Gusi.

In the recent chapters, a particular situation was appreciated that one of the contestants experienced once he was among the 44 artists who advanced. It was Tiago Sevilla, impersonator of Andrés Cepeda and former participant of My name iswho stops The selection he was eager and excited to be on Maía’s team.

As he mentioned in dialogue with Jessica Cediel, the singer hoped that the interpreter of Naivety select him and thus build a solid path in his career as an artist. However, by default, the person he felt he could least combine with her work was Marbelle, so she didn’t expect to be in her group.

“I would love Maía, I feel that she is the one who would have more things to discover about my voice and about many things that I want for myself … If it were for a discard, I think that the person who could contribute the least to me, unlike everyone else, would be Marbelle“, said.

Giving his show on stage, Marbelle was the one who pushed the button pretty quickly and managed to stay with Tiago on his team, explaining about this decision he made. The Colombian stated that she always felt the same when listening to the voice of the participant, so she wanted to explore her style and talent.

“I have felt the same with you from the beginning and you have very well drawn such a great singer and an icon and reference. That is what makes me know that I can do so many things with you, explore and discover many elements”, expressed Marbelle, who did not expect the artist’s surprise when he saw the result.

Upon hearing these words, Sevilla was sincere and revealed to the singer that she was not his first choice to be his mentor, but that he would hope to learn and build a different career: “Coincidentally, I tell you with all due respect, I opted for two different people than you and in fact, look at how God is in this life, he shows me that I can also learn with you and if you want to get the best out of me, you will have the best of me”.

Marbelle opened up about how she dealt with criticism and offenses about her weight

Weeks ago, Dyaner Mendoza, remembered for her performance in to another level, took advantage of this scenario to capture his professional and musical growth, looking for a place in the format. The young woman she performed the song The mare was too big for youby Alicia Villareal, managing to captivate Santiago Cruz, Gusi, Maía and Marbelle.

Given the exciting moment that she went through with the decision of the mentors, the singer burst into tears and recounted a situation that she experienced in her career as an artist, since she considered retiring from this profession due to personal complexes that she carried and dealt with. Her talented voice mentioned a syndrome she had and the internal affectations it caused her.

I currently have Cushing’s syndrome, and it alters my hormones and makes me fat, and people who don’t know always asked me why I was like this, and that’s why I decided to retire”, Mendoza said in his speech.

In her statements, Dyaner dedicated a message to the public, emphasizing those women who were going through situations similar to hers and did not have the security to face these episodes.

“I want to tell those women who are overweight that it doesn’t matter, talent weighs more,” she added.

At this moment, Marbelle identified with this experience and ended up reflecting a little on her experiences, which also involved her weight and appearance. The technocarrilera singer revived situations that she went through, where she was offended by her figure and was singled out from a very young age for the image she had of her.

I understand your emotion and I have felt the same because I have been criticized since I was 16 years old for my weight, and making my way and earning the little or much respect that I have in my country has been thanks to my voice, which is the only thing we have. Be proud because you will never receive what you give, but you are bigger than that,” she pointed out about the negative comments she received, showing herself to be strong and passionate about her talent.

“I hope you touch me to help her and nurture all that love she needs and that she flourishes,” he added.