Ana Bárbara says why Mariana Levy’s son does not want to live with her | Famous

Last January, Jose Emilio Fernandez the youngest son of the deceased Mariana Levy and ‘El Pirru’, shared that he was estranged from his father and did not want to know anything about him, since then he had moved to his grandmother Talina Fernández’s house in Mexico City.

The 17-year-old boy confessed that Ana Barbarawhom he considers his mother after taking him in at 11 months when his mother died, invited him to go live with her in Los Angeles, but he refused because “he doesn’t like America”.

Ana Bárbara was questioned about the teenager’s statements and with the humor that characterizes her, she said that her decision could have been because she is very “demanding”.

“To the he doesn’t like American life so muchor maybe you don’t like it because you also I am demanding with children and he sees me less. Sometimes I must fall for him because ‘son, do this, son, go to bed early, son, don’t be on social networks so much’, I think that when he goes he says ‘oh my mom goes too far!'”, he told ‘Ventaneando’ in one interview aired March 21.

Ana Bárbara is also aware that Emilio might not agree to follow her rules: “I blame the United States, we’re going to get the truth out of it because after a while it comes, I’m going to say ‘son, is it true that you didn’t want to go with me because they were too many rules and limits?’ Maybe, I don’t know,” he added.

Ana Bárbara would like to spend more time with José Emilio and Paula

The singer-songwriter confessed that she would like to spend more time with them and although circumstances have changed, the teenagers know that they always count on her.

“For me Paula and Emilio are a few pieces of my soul, I know that I am not as I would like to be, because it is very difficult chen it takes away your life that possibility of being with some children that you already fell in love with and raisedthat for a time were your responsibility in every way,” said Ana Bárbara.

“I have not had them as I would have wanted them, like the others and that distances you from your way of thinking and everything, however, they will always be in my heart like some pieces of my soul, I love them forever, they know they count on mesometimes we have our differences, but they know that they count on me, they must hate me sometimes for sure,” he said with a laugh.


José Emilio and ‘El Pirru’ are estranged

At the end of January 2022, José Emilio Fernández shared on the ‘Ventanendo’ program that he was living with his grandmother because the relationship with his father had fractured.

relationship was broken, we separated and I don’t know anything about him anymore. I don’t know what he’s doing or anything,” he said. “I’m fine, I don’t have any problems. Everything happens for a reason,” he said forcefully.

In the interview, he acknowledged that Ana Bárbara could have disregarded them when he divorced “El Pirru” in 2010, however, the love bond kept him up to date.

“(Ana Bárbara) could have said, ‘Goodbye, I divorced ‘Pirru’ and I’m leaving them,’ but no” and that was “admirable,” said José Emilio.