Ana Bárbara suffers a spectacular fall in the middle of a photo session

As is customary, the popular potosina singer, Ana Barbara He took the attention of millions of people, but this time it was after exposing a short video on his digital platforms, where he captured the spectacular fall he recently suffered while he was in the middle of a photo shoot.

At 51 years of age, the recognized exponent of regional mexican has managed to stand out in the music industry for more than twenty years, which has made her win the hearts of the international public, who have been amazed with each of her successful musical themes.

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The famous singer of ‘Bandido’, ‘Fruta Prohibida’ and ‘Bad Streak’ has not only stood out as a singer, as she has proven to be quite talented with the pen and as a music producer, that is why all her songs have been very well received for his devoted audience.

Although it should be noted that the popular composer born in San Luis Potosi, has also been able to stand out in the world of the web thanks to the fun and attractive content that he frequently publishes on his digital platforms, from his work projects to embarrassing moments like the one we will show below.

A couple of days ago, Ana Bárbara captured the eyes of a large number of users after sharing a short recording through her personal account on the social network of tik tok, where he had no problem showing the embarrassing moment in which he falls to the ground during a photo session.

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In the images you can see the beautiful singer posing on a wooden bench, while wearing a dazzling golden ensemble that consisted of a jacket and a miniskirt, which was responsible for her losing her balance and taking a strong blow to the hip.

“Everything so that the ‘mamona bitch’ photo comes out”, was the message that the also actress wrote in the description of her publication, with which she was already able to exceed six million views in less than a week.

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