Ana Bárbara suffers a wardrobe accident in full concert

The interpreter of “Bandido” showed more when her skirt fell in Veracruz last weekend. The video has generated controversy on social media.

Ana Barbara one of the most consolidated Mexican regional music artists of the moment, suffered a wardrobe accident last weekend during a concert in Veracruz, Mexico.

The moment has gone viral, and it is that the interpreter of “Bandido”, “Lo Searched” and “How I need you” showed more when her tiny fringed skirt fell off instantly as she performed her best dance steps.

Like a professional, the singer who performed the song “Que poco” managed to hold it in her hand and continued to sing until the end of the verse, then put the microphone on the pedestal to try to accommodate it again.

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“Wait for me a little bit,” he said as one of his assistants came over to help. Ana Bárbara took it with humor and asserted: “that happens to us for being crazy”, the public supported her with applause and shouts of euphoria, and the show continued.

The singer was delighting the public in Veracruz last weekend when her tiny fringed skirt fell off. “Wait for me a little bit,” she said as she tried to accommodate her again. Illustrative and non-commercial images.

“Always professional”, “Her professionalism, bravo (applause emoji)” “In spite of everything, she looks beautiful”, “Well, with all due respect, the lady is very well and has her modesty”, “She anything can fall on her, she has a spectacular and very professional body”, some of the reactions in Twitter.

Anne Barbara. PHOTO: illustrative and non-commercial image /

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The video also generated controversy among those who consider that it was not an accident but rather that it was all part of the show: “It was on purpose, you see it being manipulated before”, “And what was the difference? The skirt was 8 centimeters of cloth or less”, “Not even a skirt comes. They were just strips”, “Everything is part of the show”, “He always does something like that”, continued the reactions of the netizens.