Ana Bárbara’s father regrets not having gone to her concert to celebrate 30 years of career | Famous

Don Antero Ugalde, father of Ana Bárbara, assured that he did not attend the concert with which he celebrated 30 years of career because she did not finalize his invitation to travel to Mexico City.

Ugalde, who lives in San Ciro de Acosta, in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, revealed that he was waiting for a call from the singer to coordinate his attendance at the concert, held on May 8 in Mexico City.

“She spoke to me about three days before, that if she was going. She agreed to call me back, but she didn’t do it anymore, and I don’t have money to go; money is needed and I didn’t have it, so I better not dare”, said Don Antero for an interview published by TVyNovelas on May 16.

Ana Bárbara’s father indicated that to travel to the capital of Mexico he needed not only to raise money to pay his expenses, but also those of someone who would accompany him and take care of him.

“Getting to go to the capital is difficult, apart from the fact that I had to pay someone else’s tickets to accompany me, because walking alone is no longer the same. I could have gotten through here, but I said, ‘Better not,’” she explained.

Given what happened, Don Antero made it clear that he does not believe that Ana Bárbara really intended for him to accompany her in such an important concert.

“Then I found out that he gave a press conference, they asked him about his dad and I don’t know what he said, so I don’t think the invitation was serious. If she had really wanted her to be her, she would have talked to me again, wouldn’t she?” she commented.

Ana Bárbara’s father wanted to be at her concert

Although the father-daughter relationship seemed to be reestablished in 2020, when Don Antero Ugalde suffered a stroke, he hinted that he is currently not very close to Ana Bárbara.

“On the other hand, I understand it… In the heights that Ana Bárbara is, inviting an old man all crooked, well no. On the contrary, I congratulate you for not taking me. As José Alfredo Jiménez said: ‘I want to see them happy, even if their happiness kills me’”, he sentenced.

Her economic situation did not allow it, but Ana Bárbara’s father would have liked to be present at the concert with which she celebrated that she has been on stage for 30 years.

“Of course, having seen her even from afar, but I tell you that I didn’t dare to get money. Besides, right now I’m on pills and everything is very expensive; then there is no one or where to grab, ”she indicated.

Ana Bárbara visited her father in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic

In December 2020, Ana Bárbara published on her YouTube channel a video of the trip she made to her native San Luis Potosí to visit her father.

In the clip you can see that the interpreter of ‘Bandido’ and Don Antero Ugalde affectionately hug each other to celebrate their reunion in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. Later, both enjoyed talking and even singing.