Ana Brenda Contreras poses in a robe

Ana Brenda Contreras pose in robe and send an encouraging message before bed. The 39-year-old artist surprised all her followers by using her social networks to send words of encouragement that, without a doubt, have as their goal empower all womenwho have hit rock bottom at some point in their lives.

The protagonist of “Toda la sangre” shared a photograph on her Instagram account that was well received by her fans since she appeared wearing a wine colored robebut at the same time it appears with a perfect make up in nude tones, which highlight its beauty.

It is also noteworthy that cut off her beautiful hair and that now shows it off with discreet fringes, which give a fresh and youthful touch to her look; the artist used to show off her great straight jet-colored hair, so now she shows us her new imagefor which her followers immediately flattered her.

A few hours after the publication, more than 21 thousand fans have liked the image where he also sends a message of hope and that comforts all women, since it assures that hitting rock bottom helps to get ahead, although at those times it is difficult to understand.

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In the post he wrote: “hitting rock bottom has built more heroes than privileges. Be the woman who just went for it. Where? I pamper little babies”. For what they wrote to her “I am also ready to pamper”, “mamacita”, beautiful”, how beautiful my queen”.

The power of Ana Brenda Contreras

Ana Brenda Contreras has surprised her audience with the character she embodies in the new series “all the blood”, where she plays a police chief and appears without a drop of makeup. The 39-year-old star took on the challenge of bringing Lieutenant Edith Mondragón to life, who will help the red note journalist, Eugenio Casasola, played by his colleague and friend, Aarón Díaz, to solve a series of crimes that occur in the City of Mexico.

The fans of the actress celebrated the premiere of the series where Ana Brenda Contreras broadcasts power and determination; It also reveals the natural beauty of his face. For her excellent performance, the followers of her model have also congratulated her and are on the lookout for the streaming series, based on the literary saga “Casasola” by Bernardo Esquinca.

“Toda la sangre” premiered on September 15 and was well received by the public, who hopes to find more clues to find the murderer who performs rituals recreating ancient Aztec sacrifices.

Days before the premiere Aaron Diaz He took the opportunity to flatter the actress, with whom he shared the stage for more than a decade, for which he said that it is an honor to work alongside the star of American origin.

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