Ana Celeste from ‘Little Giants’ has grown up and looks like this now on TV Azteca

In the first season of Little Giants we met a long list of talented children, including Ana Celeste Montalvo, from Acapulco, Guerrero.

He debuted in the Los Super Poderosos team, and gained recognition for his love for William Levy and his imitation of ‘Doña Lucha’, the character of Mara Escalante. It was a case where her talent shone by itself, as she did from the casting, which she attended only with a few jokes.

Her charisma was such, and her infatuation with William Levy was so famous, that the Cuban attended the program and gave her a rose, which she still has a decade later.

But time passed. Ana Celeste continued in her dream of being an actress, and she has participated in series such as ‘Without fear of anything’ and ‘We the handsome ones’. We have also seen her in ‘As the saying goes’, without forgetting that she was the digital host of the fourth season of ‘Little Giants’ in 2019.

She is already of legal age and besides looking like a model, she is also a singer and songwriter, without forgetting her talent as an actress. In 2021 she released the single ‘Na Tengo’.

We recently saw her as ‘Ariana’ in the telenovela Si nos dejan by producer Carlos Bardasano. In this regard, she told Las Estrellas that it was “a great experience, especially the recordings, they help you grow more as a professional, in every way as an actress.”

In 2022 it came to TV Azteca, to the Mexican version of Superstore, which they titled ‘Supertitlán’.