Ana del Castillo breaks the silence about the harassment she suffered from a fan

If there is a famous person in Colombia who has had countless physical altercations with her public and her fans, it is Ana del Castillo from Vallena, who every time she appears in public ends up involved in violent attacks and harassment against her, a matter that has already been It is becoming everyday and that the vallenata is getting more patient, because now it is beginning to act to defend itself even physically.

The last unfortunate event that Ana had to experience was a few days ago when she was on a street in Valledupar with a group of fans, who were waiting for her after some commitments that she was fulfilling as the good worker that she is.

As she approached them, people crowded around the singer and a man tried to hug her to take a snapshot with her. Seeing that the interpreter of Vallenato Squeeze did not turn around, the alleged harasser would have touched the tail of the artist, who immediately grabbed the aforementioned hand and shook him, claiming him for his exceeded act.

In the clip, published on the official Instagram account of the program I know everything, It is seen when Ana yells at the man and one of the men who is part of the vallenatera security team slaps the alleged perpetratorunleashing a giant commotion in said place, where del Castillo is also seen very obfuscated by the fact.

Many have commented on the video, which has also been shared on Twitter and on Tik Tok, some supporting the singer, stating that nothing justifies the aggression and others, on the contrary, condemning the artist, saying that she had incited the alleged harasser with her way of acting. dress, because in the clip del Castillo is going to wear a very small top that only covers her bust and exposes her back and abdomen.

Ana realized the commotion that was created on social networks with the video and through his Instagram stories he spoke about it, making it clear that he does not regret his reactionWell, she is fed up with being overstepped with her and she will always take action on the matter.

“Me watching the video that was leaked here, because everything bad is filtered… Regardless of how I speak, how I dress, how I express myself, everyone deserves respect. There I was taking some photos with the people, I felt good, I had a good attitude and yes it was the man who grabbed me by the jopo, because when the jopo grabbed me I came and grabbed his hand and shook him to be serious Yes, because one does deserve respect,” Ana said in her video.

The singer is not going to put up with another attack on her and reveals the machismo that still prevails on social networks, where the victims are blamed for the mere fact of being women.

“I see comments like ‘it’s her fault’, that is, they still haven’t changed that machismo, but it doesn’t matter, the only one who swears is me, the only one who fights is me… The only one who makes love is me So it’s like we’re in a world of perfect people where here people don’t do anything… And if they catch me again, I’ll go back and fuck it up, thank you very much Colombia, I have nothing more to add”, sentenced del Castillo in his official communication.

This is the third time that Ana has been assaulted in public. Previously a bottle was thrown at her while she was singing and it ended up on her head. Months ago, her accordion player was attacked, who also received an object in her body that flew onto the stage from the audience.