Ana del Castillo responds on Twitter to the bottle she received in the middle of the show

Ana del Castillo is one of the best exponents of the new wave of vallenato in Colombia, being one of the few women within the genre who, with her enormous talent, has taken her place with pulse, work and the occasional controversy in which she has been involved, such as the one that was released last weekend with his concert in El Carmen de Bolívar, within the framework of the Festimaría 2022 festival.

Ana was part of the cast of stars on the second night of the festival, where there were also artists of the stature of Los Legendarios, Landero y Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto and Gblack, among others, who preceded the singers of the previous night, which had names on his guest list such as Adolfo Pacheco, Soneros de Gamero, Pabla Flores, Banda de San Juan Nepomuceno, Hermanos Loram, Coffe el Kafetero and Diego Daza.

Ana was very excited to perform at the festival and when she went up to the main stage of the event she began to perform hits like Entrégame tu amor, Ya es mío, Sabroso and Sabroso. In the middle of her show she decided to say a few words: “With this hat I feel like in Pasión de gavilanes, something like that” and she barely finished pronouncing them, a bottle flew through the air in the direction of the singer’s face, who managed to see what was coming at her and turned her head so that the bottle ended up in her hair.

Immediately, a couple of members of the security and the satff of the event approached the singer to see how she was and take care of her from another attack by the public, trying to discover who was the one who dared to carry out such a demonstration of indelicacy and violence, which unfortunately it is recurring in Ana’s presentations.

A few weeks ago, Castillo and his accordion player Jafid Nazar had to resort to social networks to ask the singer’s fans for prudence.because in another concert the one affected was the musician, who also received a blow from an object that was thrown from the audience onto the stage, causing annoyance among all those who were performing the vallenato hits of the year at that time.

Anna’s response

Ana del Castillo has always been known for being direct about issues that affect her, such as this event that just happened to her at the El Carmen de Bolívar festival, which went viral thanks to the Instagram account @cantantevallenato posting the video where you can see when the bottle reaches the head of the vallenata, which many users on networks like Instagram and Facebook replied giving their opinion on the matter.

“We cannot see violence as a normal act, (who would like this to be done) do not make comments supporting, we are human beings”“if you don’t like an artist, don’t attend, period” and “pure people lacking in culture, fiery clown if you don’t like the artist, don’t attend”, are some of the comments that can be read in the publication.

For her part, Ana used Twitter to refer to the subject. With just five words, she made it clear that she is not willing to give more prominence to something that she should never have, and she trilled: “Everything happens. Cambio y fuera…”, thus telling her followers to please turn to the page and focus on the singer’s news, such as El favor de Dios, her latest record, which she is promoting through the stages where she is invited to sing and with whom she sings to life with lyrics that demonstrate her personal processes.