Ana Gabriel: popular for her bitter songs, which also generate jokes on social networks

Ana Gabriel aroused the Dominican desire to see her live again. She anticipates a full house at the Palacio de los Deportes, next April 29, with her world tour “For the love of you.” The jokes of what her romantic songs produce are also inevitable.

Since her presentation in Santo Domingo was announced, users of social networks joke about the effect of her songs, especially “las de amargue”, related to when women do housework.

Comedian Gerard Ogando He was the first to react in the Listín Diario post about the presentation. “With the sponsorship of Ajax Cloro and Omo Multiactivo,” he wrote.

Can I go with my suape?”, asks the comedian Fernando Pucheau, to which Katherine Rodríguez replies: “You see Arturobueno3, they should let the suape in.”

The mention of the cleaning instrument is repetitive in the comments on the Instagram of Listín Diario. “I’ll take my broom to sing it suapiando”, Elyth_17 posts, and Soribel_ answers: “I take the broom, so we divide the work, it’s cold too, what do you say?” LauLopez18_ points out that “it’s not relaxing” and Soribel replies: “But of course, we’ll take anything, even a washing machine.” So they agreed to get together. Most likely they will.

Dr. Elaine18 evokes the song “Luna, tú que lo ves”, to comment that at the concert “the tears will be rolling”.

“Luna” is also the title of the ninth studio album recorded by the Mexican singer-songwriter, released on November 9, 1993. That album included the titles “Dímelo de fronte”, “Tu nombre es treason” and “Pacto de amor”.

Franciscoj_31 says that if he goes “it will be with XV, I don’t take that anymore” and Stephanieabrec asks if they will allow drinks, for example: chlorine.

Yokaresnel_ affirms that “that day they clean up the nuts of the seats” in the Palacio de los Deportes.

Johanny2720 appeals to the song “I am as I wanted to be”, which reads: “I am what I wanted to be and no one controls my soul. I loved everything I could love, I enjoyed everything in abundance, I enjoyed life and I have never denied myself anything”.

“I am as I wanted to be” is included in the 13th studio album entitled “I am as I am”, released in April 1999.

Yailin the Most Viral does not stay out of the topic either when remembering the impasse that the Dominican and the Mexican held last June when the romantic singer said that she did not know the now wife of reggaeton Anuel and later apologized for that.

On Sunday, Yailin shared a video in her Instagram stories, in which Ana Gabriel is seen and heard singing the song “You decided”.

The Wilson Sued Communicator he describes his expectations as follows: “First of all, I already bought my detroSaaaa and located the health center closest to the event. Now I will rent an apartment two days before the place and wait for them to put the tickets where the sweat falls from the China”.

Karolyn367 expresses her feelings: “I think that a Dominican who respects herself has to have cleaned even once in her life listening to Ana Gabriel, it is that her songs have a rhythm for that; this same advertising makes you carry the super with sound and style, not to mention that it serves as a microphone, it’s an art to clean up with this woman in the background”.

The song Karolyn is referring to is “Who’s Like You?” one of his most popular songs and which is also the title of the fifth studio album released on December 12, 1989. The album was directed and produced by the Cuban-Spanish composer and music producer Óscar Gómez.

The production was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album at the 33rd. annual edition of the Grammy Awards held on February 20, 1991, although the winner that year was “Why do I have to forget you?”, taken from the album “Niña” (1990) recorded by the Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter José Feliciano.

“Who like you?” was awarded “Pop Album of the Year” at the Lo Nuestro Awards in 1991. It also reached #1 on Billboard’s Latin Pop Albums, where it remained in the ranking for 48 weeks. Worldwide it has sold at least 3.5 million copies.

When Ana Gabriel was presented in June 2012 at the Altos de Chavón amphitheater, in La Romana, the song “Simply friends” it was the climax.

The composition is included in his fourth studio album “Tierra de nadie” (1988). The song became Ana Gabriel’s second number one single on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart. after “Ay amor” (from the album “Original Sin”), at the end of 1987, write down the Wikipedia portal.

“Simply friends” is one of Gabriel’s emblematic songs and one of the most covered. It is also considered an LGBT anthem by the lesbian community.

After starting his tour in Colombia of concerts in Latin America, in October 2022, “For the love of you World Tour”, Ana Gabriel announced on Sunday that the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are joining the list of countries that she will visit this year at the hands of the international producer Cárdenas Marketing Network (CMN Events).

“La Diva de América, as the singer is also known, will perform on April 29 at the Palacio de los Deportes Virgilio Travieso Soto in the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, in Santo Domingo.

While at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum (Choliseo) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the interpreter of “Quién como tú” will arrive on April 27.