Ana Jurka’s emotional meeting with her mother

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- The Honduran Ana Jurka shared with her followers and with the public of Telemundo the emotional meeting he had with his mother to celebrate the Mother’s Day.

The catracha was accompanied from San Pedro Sula to the capital of Honduras by the cameras of “At Home with Telemundo” to surprise his mother, with whom he had not celebrated this date for more than a decade.

Before presenting the images of the meeting, Jurka expressed: “We all have a special relationship with our moms, mine has been up and down, but even if it’s not perfect we can always improve it with forgiveness and unconditional love”.

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In the video, she is seen boarding a plane to Tegucigalpa and then boarding a bus that would take her to her mother’s house, who did not expect to see her.

My mother left when I was 14 years old, my mother is a person of great faith, she was not the perfect mother, but if there is something that she did perfect for me, it was instilling in me the love of God. I thank himJurka said before hugging her mother.

He also shared that his mother told him a few weeks ago that he wanted to apologize.

Ana’s mother, seeing her, could not contain the smile on her face, in addition to the tears. Mother and daughter hugged each other for several minutes at the door of the house.

Although she did not reveal more details of the meeting, the Hispanic network sports presenter thanked the production for the support, in addition to the respect they have given her on the delicate issue with her mother.

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Between tears, the catracha expressed: “God knows why everything happened the way it did in my life, all the bitterness I experienced in his absence. The truth is that this made me the strong and independent woman that I am today and there is nothing that love cannot cure, we always say it when you have faith and my mom has a lot of faith”.