Ana Torroja falls in love with San Miguel de Allende and shows off her visit on networks

Guanajuato.- Ana Torroja decided to spend this weekend in San Miguel de Allendeand it seems that he liked it so much that he promised to return.

Through her social networks, the former vocalist of the Spanish group meccano shared some photos of his visit to San Miguel de Allende.

Ana Torroja liked San Miguel de Allende so much that she wants to return soon. Photo: Instagram

Saint Michael, how beautiful you are!!! You don’t know how much I enjoyed walking you. I already want to go back !! “, she wrote on her official Instagram account along with the images.

It seems that he stayed with the singer Benny Ibarra, because in the publication he wrote him a message, and his wife, Celina del Villar, invited him to return whenever he wanted.

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In addition, the singer of Hombres G, David Summers, also commented on Ana’s publication on Twitter, and agreed with his compatriot’s appreciation of the Guanajuato city.

“Wonderful, San Miguel de Allende. A kiss from Texas, Ana,” the singer wrote.

Among the thousands of followers of the Spanish singer, many also reacted to her publication. “What a beautiful photo and beautiful you!”, “The most beautiful city in the world. Greetings Ana”, “Thank you for your visit to our beautiful city, come back soon”, “It is one of the most beautiful corners that we have in Mexico “Were some of the comments on Instagram.

The Spanish singer published moments of her visit to the Guanajuato city. Photo: Instagram

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