Anahí cut Alfonso Herrera in a photo

The return of return of RBD continues to set the trend. The band that became famous thanks to the televised soap opera ‘Rebelde’ in 2004 expects to fill the biggest stages of each country they will visit and those who remember them with emotion are already preparing tunes like ‘Save me’, ‘After me’, ‘ Our love’, among others.

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Anahí, Christopher Uckermann, Christian Chávez, Dulce María and Maite Perroni They are the original members of the band that will make a concert tour expected for years. The only one needed to complete the original group is Alfonso Herrerawho, on several occasions, has clarified that he is concentrating on his acting career, so he will not be part of the reunion.

Taking into account the above, in the banners that have come out to promote the tour in 2023 and in several of the social media publications of those who make up the group, the one also known as ‘Poncho’ does not appear.

Cases such as those mentioned above were presented in the official account of instagram of anahí. The singer put a publication on her social network with two photos in the carousel that did not go unnoticed by her fans.

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According to fans, the original photo appears ‘Poncho’ Herrera, but when Anahí published it on her networks, it was abruptly cut off. This caused them to comment on the publication asking me to put the original image.

Others, on the contrary, have agreed that he does not appear in the photograph because he has not been present at past reunions and he was not part of the virtual concert that they offered in December 2020.

I love the cut Poncho!”, “please don’t cut Poncho Of the photos! RBD they will always be 6”, “he is not going to advertise Poncho free. It is absolutely correct”, “I love that Poncho be removed from the photos”, and “stop cutting to Poncho by God”, were some of the comments.

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Despite this, the actor He has always shown that even though he doesn’t want to sing with RBD, he does support his friends. In fact, she recently shared a video in which she encouraged people to donate to the United Nations for a refugee fund. Accompanied by the video was read: “If you are rebel and you don’t follow the others… I invite you to donate to a good cause”.

The above was a clear nod to the song that marked the beginning of Rebel in which you could hear in the chorus: “Yes I am RebelWhen I don’t follow the others…”.