Anahí helps Andrés García with his illness: “Now it’s my turn”

After sending a pulmonologist to his house in Acapulco to help him with his health problems the artist Anahí visited the actor Andrés García, whom she met in 1999 when they shared the lead in the soap opera “Mujeres engañadas” with Laura León.

“Dear friends, I want to thank my dear friend Anahí and her husband, Lic. Manuel Velasco Coello for all their attention and kindness, but especially for having sent Dr. Irma Flores, an excellent pulmonologist, whom I also thank for all her attention, “García wrote on his Instagram along with a photograph with the doctor.

In response to García, 81, a member of the RBD youth group, who will have his return to the stage in February, he referred to the support given to him by the former leading man of Mexican productions and his wife Margarita Portillo when he suffered from an eating disorder 20 years ago.

“I adore you with all my heart. You know that you count on me unconditionally. In this life you have to have a good memory and never forget who was good to you. If people really knew all the time and love that you and Margarita gave me in my adolescence, They would know all the gratitude that is in my heart”, Anahí commented.

“Now it’s my turn and everything that is in my hands I will always do. My family loves you because they know the story perfectly. ?? Here I am for you as I tell you every day in private, ”she added.

In November, García’s partner revealed that he was going through a delicate situation after being diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and a lung infection that he did not get better, so he remains bedridden and connected to an oxygen tank.