Anaïs Favron is surprised by her son’s career choice

Under no circumstances would Anaïs Favron have missed the premiere of show The chorists, last Friday, even if it fell during the holiday season. And for good reason: his son Sacha Bolduc (who celebrated his 23rd birthday on December 29) holds one of the main roles in the play staged by the director Serge Denoncourt, that of the young rebel Mongeau, resident of the boarding school Fond de l’Étang.

The mother was quite proud at the time of walking the red carpet with her niece, Sacha’s cousin. All the members of the young man’s family were planning to take turns during the series of performances to applaud the child prodigy!

It’s not the first time I’ve seen him perform, but this is his first big professional show! “, got carried away Anaïs Favron with Showbizz.netadmitting to having a little trouble taking an objective look at “ middle girl on the work of his offspring. ” Your child is your child…! »

Sacha – who is also the son of Vincent Bolduc – studies theater at Lionel-Groulx College, where he is currently completing the last year of his training. Against all odds, according to his mother, who says she is still surprised by her son’s career choice.

I thought he was going to do something else. Seeing his parents working too much, seven days a week, all the time, with the “up and down” of that environment, I was sure he was going to do something else and that he would have a stable job. I was sure he was going to become a high school history teacher! That’s what I thought “, mentioned Anaïs Favron, before continuing:

He went to CEGEP in cinema; he wanted to write. I thought maybe he was going to write, backwards, or do video games, screenplays. But he announced to us that he was entering theater school! We couldn’t get over it. And there it ends. His girlfriend is also in the middle, and it’s going well for both of them. So much the better if he is happy, it’s fun! But if you had given me the choice, I would have preferred him to be a plumber…(laughs). »

It must be said that Sacha quickly came to know the light of show business, in his life: already, baby, in 2000, he appeared in an artistic magazine in the arms of his famous dad. ” The week after the death of Maurice Richard “, had fun Anaïs Favron.

On television, we were able to see Sacha in the first season of red wristbands, where he played Jacob.

Return to Everybody talks about it

Anaïs Favron, for her part, returned to school in 2022. She enrolled at the National Institute of Image and Sound (INIS) in documentary filmmaking and is already planning to carry out a few projects in her new field. of expertise, perhaps by 2024.

This is why it has been a little more discreet publicly in recent months, even if it provided, at the end of the year, replacements for the microphones of the radios of ICI Première and Rythme. At ICI Première, she notably co-hosted the quirky review of the year The dark side of 2022, where Catherine Éthier and she revisited news that had passed under the radar of the big headlines. You can always catch up on the show on the web.

Her return to the school benches also explains why Anaïs Favron was not mad at Everybody talks about it during the fall, a role she often played during the 2021-2022 season. She should in principle resume service at Guy A. Lepage’s table this winter, rotating with other personalities. Marie-Lyne Joncas, Mr. C. Gilles and Boucar Diouf were notably invited to comment on the interviews of Everybody talks about it at the start of the season.