“And if a baby arrives earlier, much better”: Danilo Carrera’s ex, Michelle Renaud asks her new boyfriend Osvaldo Benavides “wedding, house and son” | People | Entertainment

michelle renaudthe ex-girlfriend of the actor Daniel Carrerawho a few days ago began a relationship with the actor Osvaldo Benavidezapparently he is already asking for a commitment and even children.

A few days ago, a Mexican media assured that the artist had definitely left his relationship with Emerald Pimentel to be with the protagonist of soap operas.

Now, a source close to the actor assures that Benavides’ new girlfriend is pressuring him to advance their relationship as quickly as possible.

According to the anonymous source told TV Notas, who is supposedly a friend of Osvaldo, Michelle “suddenly got into” the actor, because apparently he had plans to get engaged to Esmeralda Pimentel, until he met her.

The anonymous friend says that Michelle came imposing herself on Osvaldo’s life, demanding a prompt wedding As soon as she finishes recording the scenes for the new soap opera “The Inheritance”, of which he is the protagonist.

“And if a baby arrives earlier, much better,” said the source close to the couple about Michelle’s plans since she began her courtship with Benavides.

The reasons why Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera ended their love relationship

Osvaldo Benavides was unfaithful to Esmeralda Pimentel with Michelle Renaud

The same informant acknowledged that the actor began his relationship with Michelle Renaud without having finished with Esmeralda Pimentel.

“Of course he was unfaithful. Osvaldo and Michelle met when they filmed the movie “Corazonada” at the end of February, and while Esmeralda was still at her house in Tepoztlán, Osvaldo began to sneak around with Michelle, “said the informant.

The actors, who have barely been together for two months, apparently already have serious plans for the future, so it is believed that they are going too fast.

The actor’s friend even expressed that the mother of Osvaldo’s children, named Tatiana, is upset because in her abrupt change of partner, her children keep asking about Esmeralda, whom they had already accepted as part of the family.

However, without stopping for anything, the actor has already imposed Michelle as his new partner and even introduced her to his children.

Michelle Renaud denies the rumors

Caras magazine published Michelle Renaud’s statements in which she decided to talk about the rumors of her new love relationship. “I take all the publications with humor, they are like occupational hazards, and I love that people think they know, but they don’t know anything and that’s perfect,” she replied with the good humor that characterizes her.

Without any anger, the actress referred to the speculation as part of what favors her being a television star. “Nothing affects me because I dedicate myself to this and I am very grateful that they support me, especially because everything they publish about me promotes” La Herencia “, so thank you,” he said to deny the gossip. (AND)

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