And the ring for when? Salomé’s question, to her mother’s new boyfriend, Daniela Ospina

Salomé, daughter of Daniela Ospina and James Rodríguez, had no qualms about singing to her mother’s new boyfriend, Gabriel Coronel, a song that refers to a request for a hand.

The little dancer sang what about the ring for when?, while she pretended to put one on Coronel’s fingers. “These are our days. Really, letting everything come at the right time. For now, taking advantage of every day to build”, Salomé wrote in the message that accompanied the video.

Daniela Ospina, who has been very active on different social networks in recent months, surprised all her followers last February and confirmed her romantic relationship with Gabriel Coronel, renowned Venezuelan singer.

Through her personal Instagram account, the businesswoman from Antioquia has shared several photos with the artist. Likewise, she has shown that she is quite happy with this new romantic relationship. “I feel lucky to have you, that we walk and work together for our dreams”, recently wrote.

However, the also content creator has received some criticism in recent months. Even this week a follower of the Venezuelan questioned her and pointed out that she is not as in love as she says she is. “I don’t think Dani is so in love, obviously Gabriel is”commented the woman in the most recent publication made by the musician, to which Ospina replied: “I have to prove it to him, it doesn’t have to seem like you.”

This is not the first time that the businesswoman from Antioquia has been the subject of this type of message, since about a month ago she pointed out in an interview that the questions against her have not ceased since she announced that she was dating Coronel. “We are in an environment where unfortunately one has to be, in a certain way, subject to certain words of people, but I keep insisting that there is no word more powerful than love”, Indian.

Then he added: I am a faithful believer in love, you have to try as many times as necessary to believe in it again. I think that in social networks it seems that everything was a perfection, but all people have different processes”.

Rumors about the model’s new romantic relationship began last December, after she made some suspicious publications, such as when she showed that she had celebrated the New Year with someone very special. Faced with so much speculation, the woman from Antioquia broke her silence two months later and told the magazine People how he met the Venezuelan singer. In addition, she explained what details she liked about him.

“Gabriel is a very genuine man, very playful. So it is not difficult to connect with a person who is so beautiful and who gives so much all the time. Thank God it is a blessing, Gabi has been there for what we have needed”, accurate.

The artist, for his part, took advantage of the dialogue with the prestigious American magazine to reveal that it all started after a mutual friend introduced them. “We have a friend who brought us together: She told me that Daniela was looking for a partner and told Daniela that I was looking for a stable relationship.” initially stated.