André Manoukian: did he stay on good terms with his ex Liane Foly?

Between Liane Foly and André Manoukian it was mad love for more than ten years. Despite their breakup, the host of “La fête de la chanson française” on France 2 has kept a tender bond with the singer despite some quarrels.

From love to hate, there is only one step. From 1984 to 1995, André Manoukian had a love story with Liane Foly. Bewitched by the singer’s voice, the pianist took her under his wing and composed her first great hits. But after more than ten years of living together and artistic collaboration, the two artists have decided to end their relationship. After their breakup, the two exes made each other a few cowries. While the performer of the title We all have the right revealed her ex-boyfriend’s unflattering nickname on the show Can’t wait for Sundaythe latter indulged in some secrets about their past relationship in the pages of his autobiography Fluid mechanics released in 2008.

Photos – Liane Foly and André Manoukian: their reunion on stage

The former juror New star told there their first kiss as well as their first night of love. Revelations that were not to the taste of Liane Foly. Andre hurt me. He tells a lot of lies in his book. I am ashamed. It stinks. It lacks elegance, she reacted in the press. Before adding: “It feels like being in a Marc Dorcel film.” However, the two exes could not stay on such a misunderstanding. Five years after this little clash, the imitator contacted the pianist again for a very specific request. “I would like you to be in the credits of my next album and that you write one or even two pieces of music, I will take care of the text”she remembered on the set of the show 17th without lift, in December 2012. Since then, André Manoukian and Liane Foly have made a clean sweep of the past. The two artists meet from time to time to share “intimate moments” and accomplices on stage. As the saying goes so well: “Music soothes the soul”.

André Manoukian: who is his wife Stéphanie?

After breaking up with Liane Foly, André Manoukian has found love in the arms of Stéphanie. And for twenty years, the flame is still present between the parents of Anton and Aris. It must be said that the two lovebirds very quickly found the perfect chords, as revealed by the composer in the columns of Gala. We met through music. I wrote him an album which, alas, did not work. But, unlike all the other artists for whom I had invested myself, thrilled – and who all dumped me -, Stephanie stayedher, while welcoming with kindness the singers with whom I was able to work after.” After trying a career in song, Stéphanie Manoukian wanted to leave the hustle and bustle of Paris to settle in Chamonix. A haven of peace where the happy family meets every weekend. A way also for the musician to enjoy a simple life and keep his feet on the ground.

Photo credits: Frederic Andrieu / Bestimage