Andrea Berg and Vanessa Mai: Fan reaction to the song speaks volumes

Andrea Berg and Vanessa Mai celebrate a duet premiere: fans “miss the words”

07/08/2022 at 10:11 am

Roland Kaiser, Andrea Berg and Co.: Millions dance to their pop hits

Roland Kaiser, Andrea Berg and Co.: Millions dance to their pop hits

Schlager fans can sing along to their music in their sleep. We present some of the biggest German Schlager stars.

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The fans of Andrea Berg wait a long time. Although the hit queen with daughter-in-law Vanessa Mai musically has drawn a good lot, a joint performance of the two women has so far only been a wishful thinking.

Until now, because Andrea Berg and Vanessa Mai finally do something together. With the song “Unendlich”, the artists show that – despite rumors to the contrary – they seem to understand each other perfectly and also harmonize musically. As soon as the song is released, the opinions about the song are overwhelming.

Andrea Berg and Vanessa Mai celebrate the premiere of “Unendlich” and make an announcement

Although the much-heralded music video has not yet been released as of Friday morning (July 8), the song can already be heard.


That is Andrea Berg:

  • Andrea Berg was born on January 28, 1966 in Krefeld (NRW).
  • Since her marriage to Ulrich Ferber, her real name has been Andrea Ferber
  • From 2002 to 2004 she was married to Olaf Henning
  • Her stepson is the husband of hit star Vanessa Mai
  • Andrea Berg is still going on tour this year, playing among other things on December 4, 2022 in Düsseldorf


“‘Infinity’ is here,” Andrea Berg announces on her Instagram channel. And announces again: “I’m really happy that Vanessa Mai will be part of my 30-year show on July 29th and 30th in our home town of Aspach, where we will be on stage together for the very first time. “

Andrea Berg and Vanessa Mai in a duet – fans freak out

But how is the song received by your fans? After all, Vanessa Mai has left her hit career behind for some time and is now appearing as a pop singer.

The reactions below speak volumes.

  • “I am very pleased. It’s going to be an amazing moment to see you all on stage together.”
  • “I already think the song is great. I’m looking forward to the video”
  • “The duet sounds great. Your voices sound really harmonious”

And even on Vanessa Mai’s Instagram channel, the fans don’t skimp on compliments for the duo.

  • “I celebrate it so much. catchy tune guarantee”
  • “I have goosebumps all over my body! I’m so proud of you (you) what a beautiful song you put out there”
  • “Wow, so beautiful. I’m at a loss for words again”


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Sounds like the two hit the mark even before their joint concert.

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