Andrea Bocelli: Rare father-son interview: “He’s a good boy”

Ah yes, bella italia: Germany’s number one country of longing. Hardly anywhere else are there such picturesque towns, fine pasta creations, and aromatic wines as in Italy. And what would the land of Amore be without its cuddly singers – whether Eros Ramazotti (58) or Andrea Bocelli (63), Bella Italia simply knows what it takes to make our hearts beat faster. The singer’s greatest trump card is 24 years old, talented, handsome, successful – and not yet in firm hands: Matteo Bocelli. RTL met him with his famous dad for an interview in Pisa.

Just the dad: Matteo Bocelli is a singer himself

Andrea and Matteo are a real dream team, that becomes immediately clear in the RTL interview. The two laugh a lot, treat each other lovingly and share their great passion: the love of music. Even if Papa Andrea’s footsteps are huge after his world hit “Time to say goodbye” at the latest, Matteo has also been on stage as a singer since he was 18 years old.

This makes the 63-year-old visibly proud – even if he admits that working with his youngest son in music is not always easy. “Of course young people have their own character. They want to find their own place,” says the opera singer in the video. “There’s not much more you can do than give good advice. One can only hope that Matteo puts all his enthusiasm into everything he does – like me.” Does dad also give advice on love?

“The wish is that his future wife can endure him for a long time”

Nothing is known about the model’s long-term relationships and he doesn’t really want to come out with the language in the interview either. Only so much is revealed: He is dating and Papa Andrea already knows the lady of the heart. While Matteo avoids the questions with a nervous smile and “I keep something like this private”, Andrea is a little more open. “I can say he has a good heart. He’s a good boy.” But: “The wish is that his future wife can endure him for a long time because Matteo is sometimes a bit bipolar. Today he is sad, tomorrow he is happy.” In contrast to his son, Andrea has already found his great love – and finds loving words in the interview.

Andrea Bocelli has already found his great love

“I met my wife 20 years ago. And since then we’ve been together every day. Day and night. And that shows me that it works. And that means happiness for me!” enthuses the tenor in conversation about his wife Veronica Berti . He has a daughter, Virginia (10), with the Italian actress. From Andrea’s first marriage to Enrica Cenzatti (53) come the two sons Amos (27) and Matteo (24).