Andrea Escalona is already a mother: she showed her baby for the first time and told about the difficulties she experienced during its birth | Famous

Andrea Escalona opened up about what she experienced during the hours before giving birth to her first child, of which she already showed her face.

It was last Friday, December 23, when on the Hoy program, in which Escalona is a presenter, it was announced that she gave birth by caesarean section; however, no further details were provided.

This Monday, December 26, the daughter of the deceased producer Magda Rodríguez narrated on her Instagram account the difficulties she went through to bring her baby into this world.

The first photographs of Andrea Escalona’s baby

The interpreter of ‘To play with Andrea’ finally shared what was the name she chose for her firstborn, the result of her relationship with businessman Marco Estrada.

“Our baby Emilio Estrada Escalona EEE Welcome!” He wrote in a post, which includes a photograph in which he is seen hugging his son.

The baby weighed 2,900 kilos and measured 50 centimeters at the moment of his birth, which occurred on December 22 at 5:38 p.m. (Mexico City time).

“He is a healthy and good boy! His father and I are more than happy, grateful, excited, ”expressed the host about her feelings and those of her partner.

In the stories section of the aforementioned social network, Andrea also published a photograph of Emilio, which he accompanied with the song ‘Índigo’, by Camilo and Evaluna Montaner.

Andrea Escalona presented complications during the delivery of her first baby

Regarding the birth, Escalona indicated that he wanted it to be natural; however, despite his efforts, it could not be so.

“After treating eight hours to [un] natural labor, the contractions were strong and zero [había] dilatation. The doctor decided that the best thing for both of them was [la] caesarean section,” he explained.

Fortunately, the intervention went smoothly and even Estrada, the baby’s father, was able to be present in the operating room to witness the birth of his son.

“The caesarean section began, with anesthesia, everything very quickly. They moved me from my room to an operating room, they let your dad pass, he had everything: emotion, nerves, fear, ”she narrated, addressing Emilio.

“The doctor said: ‘The little head is out’ and I breathed. I heard you cry, my eyes filled with tears and happiness, just like your dad, ”she added.

It was Andrea’s partner who described what the newborn looked like, whom she soon held in her arms for the first time.

“Asked [a Marco]: ‘How is it going?’. [Me respondió] ‘Furry, pink, healthy, beautiful’. When I first saw you, they put you on my chest. I had never felt anything like this. I can’t find words to describe it,” she expressed.

The driver described the moment of birth as “a portal with God”, in which her deceased mother was with her “at all times”.

“We made it perfect, you are the most beautiful gift that life has given me,” he said as a statement to his firstborn.

On such an important day, the host had the support of her aunt, Andrea Rodríguez, as well as her father, Arturo, and other members of her family.