Andrea Escalona revealed how she found out she was pregnant and a name she would like for her baby if it is a girl | Famous

In the same way, he took the opportunity to refer rarely to his partner, Marco, whom he assured that “you will be a great dad”.

Since then, the television host has been very excited about her sweet expectation and has not hesitated to pose with her growing ‘baby bump’.

Now, he revealed in a talk with the media new details of his pregnancy.

Andrea Escalona “felt” the moment she got pregnant

When questioned by reporters about how her suspicions of her pregnancy began, the television presenter reported:

“I felt the moment… I felt. I mean, I really said that (she sighed), but then she also says ‘I’m crazy’, the same and no and such. After a week, I see my ‘boobies’ and yes I see them much bigger (…) I told my boyfriend ‘hey, my love, it could be this’”.

At first, he dismissed his suspicions, but when Andrea took a test, it came out “extremely positive”.

Since then, 3 months have passed and, so far, Andrea Escalona has not felt nauseated or dizzy. What has happened to him is that:

“I have dreamed of my baby about 2 years old, he is like my mother, like taking care of him or taking care of her.”

Andrea Escalona has already chosen a name for her baby

At the moment, the driver and her partner refer to their blessing as ‘Churrite’. As she explained, her nickname was born when she had her first medical consultation related to her pregnancy.

“I saw him a week, that (the baby) was like just a sketch of life (…) It was a churro, it was like a churro so long, so small that it had no shape at all, so it has stayed while”.

In the same way, she announced that the most recent medical studies already indicate whether she is expecting a boy or a girl, although Andrea Escalona does not seem to want to know the sex of her baby, since on several occasions she referred to as “he or she”. Of course, she commented that her father “is grinding and grinding” (insistent) that she will have a boy.

At the moment, she already has an option to call her baby if it is a girl: Magda, in honor of her deceased mother.

“I’d love to. I have to see if she has a Magda face, but it doesn’t matter, even if she doesn’t. Magda is going to go and I will give her something before and another name after”.

But if a boy is born, she will let her boyfriend Marco decide the name. Even so, the driver’s father already has a proposal: Arturo.