Andrea Kiewel’s personal life: what is known about her boyfriend and sons?

Great joy among fans of the ZDF “Fernsehgarten”: On May 8th, the popular entertainment show started the new 2022 season. Presenter Andrea Kiewel is also at the start again. It has been presenting the Lerchenberg open-air show for over 20 years (with a one-year break in 2008). How does she actually tick privately?

Moderator Andrea Kiewel: career overview

Andrea Kiewel grew up in the GDR, was a competitive swimmer and became known throughout Germany in 1993 on “Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen”. Several ZDF Saturday evening shows followed, and she also got her own show with “Objection” on RTL. But now she is THE face of the “TV Garden” and was even parodied by Martina Hill – what an accolade!

TV scandal: That’s why Andrea Kiewel was not allowed to moderate “TV Garden” in 2008

In 2007, however, there was a major TV scandal. Kiwi was accused of paid surreptitious advertising for the Weight Watchers company. As a result, her contract with the broadcaster ZDF was terminated, and in the 2008 season she was not allowed to stand in front of the camera for the “Fernsehgarten”.

Kiwi was replaced: The new moderator for a short time was Ernst-Marcus Thomas

But that had unexpected consequences for the show: the ratings collapsed. After only 20 episodes, ZDF parted ways with moderator Ernst-Marcus Thomas and brought Kiev back in 2009.

Ex-husbands and two sons: Kiwi has celebrated three weddings so far

Kiwi is no longer as talkative as in the ZDF program when it comes to questions about her private life. The 56-year-old has two children and has been married three times. At the age of 19 she dared to walk down the aisle for the first time, her son Max was born in 1986. At 34, Kiwi remarried, but it was all over after just a year.

Andrea Kiewel: Third husband died in an accident

In 2000, Andrea Kiewel fell in love with Theo Naumann, and a year later their son Johnny was born. In 2004, Kiewel and Naumann married and promised each other eternal fidelity, but the marriage broke up three years later. Fate struck in 2012: Her ex-husband died in a motorcycle accident, Kiwi lost a confidante and son Johnny lost his father.

New man: Does Andrea Kiewel have a boyfriend?

Meanwhile, Kiwi is happily taken again. She spoke for the first time in December 2020 about her happiness in love. “For the first time in my life, I can imagine starting the day and ending my life with a man,” said the cheerful blonde in “Super Illu”. But she doesn’t want to reveal her boyfriend’s name. “I think I’m so brave that I even reveal that I’ve lost my heart.”

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Israel: Kiwi has an apartment in Tel Aviv

Kiwi owns an apartment in Tel Aviv. In her new book “Mostly Sunny” she raves about her “astronaut”: “I love a man who is from another planet. It’s called a long-distance relationship. (…) We live in different worlds. We don’t even speak the same one Language. (…) We met on a street corner and we’re still standing there.” She even took a Hebrew class to understand him better.

Why isn’t Andrea Kiewel on Instagram?

Andrea Kiewel has not yet been found on Instagram. Photos of her are only published via the “Fernsehgarten” account. Why can’t she be found on the social media platform?

Ad for the provider Instagram via the consent provider denied

“I also use a smartphone and WhatsApp, but I’m suspicious of this disclosure of everything,” she explained to the magazine “Super Illu” in 2020. It is not known whether she runs a private account for family and friends.

Kiwi: Heart tattoo on the right index finger

A small, intimate TV moment caused excitement in September 2019. During a chat with Scooter frontman HP Baxxter, the 56-year-old showed her new tattoo live on “Fernsehgarten”, which was pierced over the middle joint of the right index finger on the side of the middle finger. “Great, right? I wasn’t crying,” she joked. But what meaning the tattoo has, Andrea Kiewel did not reveal.

“ZDF TV Garden” season 2022 started: fans back in a bad mood

The “ZDF TV Garden” has been running again on Sundays since May 8th. This time the show makers can look forward to a live audience again. However, what could annoy her a bit are the malicious Twitter comments after the first broadcast. Numerous viewers had made fun of the comeback, presenter Kiwi and the celebrity guests on the short message service.

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