Andrea Legarreta and her zero cellulite in photos

Andrea Legarreta not only does she show off her beautiful figure in the Program Today every morning, she is also a faithful user of social networks, where she recently uploaded a photo that blushed more than one, since, when posing sitting on the stairs of the show, the host forgot how short her asymmetrical dress was, which It showed a little more than I expected.

Without a doubt, Andrea Legarreta is a woman concerned and busy with her image and physical figure. At 50 years old, her class and elegance can be seen in her taste in clothing, always wearing sets, dresses and different combinations that stand out for being sober, but modern at the same time, which always gives her a touch daring.

This photo that she uploaded to her Instagram account, drew a little more attention from her followers and followers, because apparently, the driver did not realize that, when taking the photo sitting down, the camera would capture, in all its splendor, the results of being a constant user of the gym, revealing that what the driver suffers least from is cellulite.

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Andrea Legarreta and her zero cellulite in photos

Andrea Legarreta and her zero cellulite in photos. Photo: Instagram.

An elegant, classy photo, in which the driver reveals that smile that characterizes her, an abundant and loose hair, as well as her beautiful face as well. Maybe she looks so good in the photo, Andrea Legarreta Forgot that detail that for many is insignificant, because the most important thing is to feel good about yourself, and show off what God has given you.

Another great detail of this photo is the long heels that the driver wears in black in this photograph, a sign of her femininity and taste in clothing, which she demonstrates every day on the small screen, although the most characteristic of Erick’s wife Rubín is his sense of humor and his years of experience in driving and television.

One of the actresses who has become the darling of the Mexican public, thanks to the fact that for many years she has been seen every day by millions of people in the mornings next to her great friends such as Galilea Montijo and Raúl Araiza.