Andrea Legarreta confesses if she will give “permission” to Erik Rubín to go see Alejandra Guzmán and Paulina Rubio | Famous

Andrea Legarreta, will he allow Erik Rubín to attend his ex’s concert?

Last weekend, the controversy came to light again when the former member of Timbiriche and Andrea Legarreta attended a play where they were approached by media such as Wake up America.

There, the presenter of Today if she will allow her husband to attend one of the concerts of Alejandra Guzmán and Paulina Rubio.

“You don’t have to ask my permission for anything”warned the driver in a good mood, “I love both of them. I have known them for many years.”

“I worked with them. It wasn’t in my year, it wasn’t in my time“, added and said that, in a hypothetical case that her husband was in the front row at the concert of his exes, they “don’t get upset” about him anymore.

For Andrea Legarreta, the history of the ex-partners that she and Erik Rubín had does not represent any problem in her marriage.

Andrea Legarreta reveals that ‘Ale’ Guzmán and Paulina Rubio invited Erik Rubín

The presenter said in the same interview that the singers did have an approach with Erik Rubín to join them on the tour.

“The truth is that they had already invited him at the time“, he assured, “they were not coordinated (in agendas)”.

There, Erik Rubín joked with her asking for permission before the cameras: “Would you let me go play with my friends?”, which caused the laughter of his wife and the rest of the press.

The story of the triangle between ‘La Guzmán, Paulina and Erik

It was in the early 1990s when Erik Rubín had a romantic relationship with Alejandra Gumán. Before, he had fallen in love with his partner in Timbiriche, Paulina Rubio, but she did not give way to more because she had a boyfriend.

In an interview that the singer gave to the Golden Scorpion in early 2021, Rubín assured that “La Chica Dorada” came later to tell him that their relationship had ended. According to the musician’s version, he told her that he was already “La Guzmán’s” boyfriend.

However, he assured that between him and the rocker they began to have problems, he decided to end it with her and then began the romance with the former Timbiriche.

Alejandra Guzmán maintains that Erik Rubín was with Paulina Rubio without even breaking up with herbut now he also sees the situation with humor.

“Me I really have no resentmentsthat is, after so many years and so many things, I say ‘for a man?’ When I realized it I (I told him): ‘Get out of here! This is over!‘” he said last February.

“But I was already famous at that time and I did say ‘no, here you choose, there is nothing more than a soup and that’s it’, that is, why do you make one but, that is, I like it, but I do not share the cake sometimes,” he said between laughs.

But in those days, the discord between ‘La Guzmán’ and ‘La Chica Dorada’ by Erik Rubín reached the musical level.

Alejandra Guzmán released the song “Hey güera”, dedicated to her then rival. While Paulina Rubio dedicated ‘Mío’ to him.