Andrea Legarreta, joins the ‘errand’ with two famous characters

In this Christmasthe beautiful host of the program Hoy, lived a difficult moment, when at the forum of the morning two important ones arrived characters that they took her by surprise, which caused the famous to join the ‘errand’.

With the celebration of eve of Christmas, the Today programhe could not be left behind with his guests, so, this Friday, December 23, they attended the Televisa facilities, nothing and nothing less than the man that all children love; santa claus and another who does not like Christmas; “The Grinch”.

It was between these two celebrities that Andrea Legarreta found herself between “a rock and a hard place”, because, apparently, both characters Christmas They are one of his favorites, so the famousdecided to open a debate on social networks and asked who people prefer the most.

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When the “errand” comes together, are you Team Santa or Team Grinch???” Andrea Legarreta wrote in the photo she shared on her Instagram account.

Quickly, Andrea Legarreta’s publication provoked various reactions among her followers, but also among her colleagues, because some dared to confess which team they consider themselves to be.

Love you. I, Santa”, wrote Sofía Villalobos, while other users commented on things like: “Team Santa, but we are all Grinch at some point”, “I am 50/50, I am team Grinch, team Santa and 100% team Legarreta”; “The Grinch uses Andrea Legarreta mascara”; “I love that Grinch..!! It’s fantastic”; “Ha ha love you all 3 and 100% team Santa.”

On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus went directly to the forum of the Hoy program, so that each of the stars of the program could tell him in person what they want to receive this Christmas.

Andrea Legarretashe asked to have several trips next year, but also, she asked that both she, her friends, loved ones and those who need it, have mental health, physical health and spiritual health, positive abundance, as well as a job that makes them happiness, laughter, peace and love.

After such beautiful wishes, it was the turn of “The Grinch” to ask and what he asked for was sanity, ‘pants’ and patience, but he also asked him to be part of the morning show for a whole year. A nice and fun moment that the drivers of the Today programnext to these magical characters.

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