Andrea Legarreta thus answers Alejandra Guzmán for inviting Erik Rubín to her tour with Paulina Rubio

Mexico.- During a meeting with the media, Alejandra Guzman was asked if she would like Erik Rubin had a special performance on his tour with Pauline Rubioto which the rocker said she didn’t know if ‘his wife’, Andrea LegarretaI was going to leave it.

Alejandra Guzmán and Paulina Rubio will begin a joint tour entitled very bitchy next April, a series of presentations that has caused controversy because both had a rivalry for years because they were with Erik Rubín at the same time.

Alejandra Guzmán and Paulina Rubio will start a tour together on April 15 called Perrísimas, and the rocker wants Erik Rubín to sing with them. Photo: Instagram

The rivalry was so great that Alejandra and Paulina released songs (Hey güera and Mío respectively) dedicated to each other in which they showed their lawsuit over a man.

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That is why it would be a special moment if Rubín appeared in one of the concerts of the Perrísimas tour. “I did tell him, ‘hey Erik, come over,'” the singer said.

And when asked if he would invite him, he replied: “Yes, I don’t know if his wife will leave him… that’s the problem, but the truth is that I adore Andrea and I love Erik very much. I have respected him and I admire him As an artist, and of course! In rock and roll, anything goes”.

Andrea Legarreta replied that her husband Erik Rubín does not have to ask her permission for anything. Photo: Instagram

These statements reached Andrea Legarreta, who responded forcefully to ‘La Guzmán’.

You don’t have to ask me for permission for anything,” said the host of the Hoy program.

During the broadcast of the Hoy program they showed the video of the moment in which Alejandra Guzmán refers to the permission that Legarreta has to give Erik Rubín to appear with her and Paulina Rubio on their tour.

“It makes me laugh that they say that if I would give her permission… with the two (Guzmán and Rubio) I shared work, life, interviews, I was even at my Ale’s wedding that I love her, I admire her, I think she is spectacular… In the end, I do think it would be very attractive.”

Andrea Legarreta confirmed that they had already invited Erik Rubín to the Perrísimas tour, but that due to work issues, the former Timbiriche could not tie the concerts, although he did not rule out that at some point it could be given.

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