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The TV host, Andrea Llosa, referred to the recent complaint received by the footballer Renato Tapia after refusing to legally recognize his six-year-old son.

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“I don’t know if you’re a man, if you don’t recognize your son. I think if you don’t love your son, you don’t love anyone. I am a mother, for my children I do whatever. Those of us who are mom or dad understand that if something hurts your child, you want it to hurt you first ”, Andrea Llosa told Infobae.

He then continued with: “The most important thing for any person is identity. Can you imagine how this child can grow?

Renato Tapia’s father supports him: “The family always supports the people you love”

Luis Tapia, father Renato Tapia, spoke about the complaint received by the Peruvian soccer player for not wanting to sign his six-year-old son.

It should be noted that after the serious accusation made by Daniela Castro, the minor’s mother, on the program “Magaly Tv La Firme”, Tapia issued a statement accepting responsibility and denying that she had not taken care of the son she conceived out of her marriage with Andrea Cordero.

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“First, I regret the way I handled the issue and apologize publicly to each of the people in my family who were affected by it,” he mentioned in the text.

In this regard, the father of the athlete was against the fact that the case has been made public. “This is a personal issue, it is not a topic that interests people because it has nothing to do with his profession,” he told Trome.

“It is a subject that he is handling and if he deems appropriate, he will give his opinion. The worst thing that can be done is give meat to vultures, it is the worst thing that can be done, ”he added later.

Likewise, when asked if the athlete has his support, Luis Tapia pointed out that “the family always supports the people one loves.”

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