Andrea Mariona and her husband reflect on positivism

The Salvadoran television host and Juan Marcos Flores called to put aside negative thoughts that prevent happiness.

Andrea Mariona used her Instagram account to send her followers a forceful and inspiring message. Taking advantage of her celebrity status and influencing the Salvadoran presenter of the program “Long live the morning” He shared some words that invite us to put aside negativity to give way to positive thinking.

“Today I want to reflect with all of you about positive thinking and toxic positivism that can sometimes be ‘super tired’”Andrea began by saying in the video. “Really, being positive has more to do with internal dialogue in which you learn to get rid of ‘I can’t’, ‘I don’t want to’, ‘I’m like that’, ‘I suffer from insomnia’, ‘I’m sick’ ‘ for the ‘I do’”he added.

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Andrea Mariona
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The model also emphasized the importance of learning to give yourself positive orders, with the aim of achieving happiness.

“Examples of how to change this form, of self-talk, are: ‘I will sleep better’, ‘I will lose weight’, ‘I can’, ‘I am enough’… Because everything that is followed by the word ‘ I’ the subconscious stores it as an order. Therefore, it is necessary that you learn to give positive orders to yourself.”Andrea expressed.

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Before ending her conversation, the charismatic presenter gave the floor to her husband Juan Marcos Floreswho shared a motivational message with netizens.

“The road to happiness and success is not easy. Dealing with that discomfort is a habit, and habits are exercised daily.”exposed Juan Marcos.

Followers of the couple appreciated the advice and promised to put into practice what they recommended.

“Excellent advice, thank you”, “Thank you for such a nice message”, “You are both beautiful and it is good to reflect positively”, “I love it. Just what I need to hear”, commented some users.