Andrea Meza jokes with her boyfriend and boasts a flat stomach

The former beauty queen is a fan of sharing with her followers every detail of her life, so this time she surprised with a fun and beautiful photograph, as she appears joking with her boyfriend by exchanging faces, but at the same time showing off her flat stomach in a red swimsuit.

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Andrea Meza daily leaves us speechless with each publication she makes, and today was no exception, since she shared a photograph where she and her boyfriend are sunbathinghe in green shorts and she in an impressive red swimsuit that showed off her flat stomach.

In this photograph, Ryan Antonio’s face appears edited on the body of andrea mezaand hers in his body, achieving a very strange fusion that many of us would not have liked to see, a very funny image that undoubtedly brought a smile to the former beauty queen.

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Andrea Meza accompanied this publication with a message, “I asked Ryan if he liked this photo and he said he wanted to edit it first… this is what he sent me as a result”, words to which his followers immediately began to fill the publication.

Andrea Meza’s boyfriend is a fan of making her laugh, in addition to being influencer knows exactly what content is funny. This couple is one of the most stable and beautiful in the show, as they always show how much they love each other and the chemistry between them.

Through her stories, Andrea Meza showed off her outfit today in Telemundowearing a monochrome Barbie pink outfit, which consisted of a sleeveless top and shorts that highlighted her prominent hips, as well as loose ironed hair.

Always being so perfect and beautiful. So far, these are the only news that the model leaves us on social networks, but surely this weekend she will surprise us with outfits or relevant news about her life and workedthe one he loves so much.

We can only wish you the best in your relationship, and that that chemistry that both have never ends, they are a beautiful couple who deserve everything, they complement each other and very importantly, it makes her laugh all the time, therefore she is happy with their occurrences.

We will keep you up to date with any news that appears on social networks, especially outfits that highlight your charms, like today with this red swimsuit who left nothing to the imagination and highlighted her charms, especially her flat stomach. If you want to see Andrea Meza in a red swimsuit, click here.

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