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The former reality girl andrea san martin She was excited to work in her recently opened makeup studio.

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It is worth mentioning that, months ago, Sebastián Lizarzaburu’s ex-partner had announced that she was working as a make-up artist. Also, through her Instagram account, the influencer shared the clients she had every day.

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Finally, San Martín was able to open his new business this year, located in San Isidro, where he says he is happy to work. “We are going to our second client in the studio who is waiting for us. This is how we spend working. Later is the moment of the vacilón, but first you have to invoice. Check in and then do whatever you want,” she expressed.

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Andrea San Martín gives her opinion on the video of Sebastián Lizarzaburu next to several women in a carwash

On her recent visit to “D Mañana”, the ‘ojiverde’ said she was not jealous of her ex-partner’s new jobs, but she thanked him for accepting them when their relationship had ended.

“Doesn’t it make you jealous to see Sebastián in the carwash with so many pretty girls?” The popular “Nosy” questioned the model.

“No, no, but it’s great that he waited until he was no longer with me to accept that type of job, it seems good to me, I think that out of respect he would not have even asked me, not even because I told him, he has always known handle the situation (in the past),” said the green-eyed woman.