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andrea san martin She shared on social networks with her followers how her two little daughters help her with the housework. For the former model, it is important that her little ones learn to do housework so that they know the word “responsibility”.

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Through her official Instagram account, the influencer shared several stories where the two minors are seen doing basic tasks, such as tidying up their toys, sweeping their room, moving their clothes, among other activities. It should be noted that Andrea stated that she seeks to teach her daughters to be independent.

In one of the clips, Sebastián Lizarzaburu’s daughter is also shown doing her chores while the youngest had Andrea’s support because she was distracted on several occasions.

From time to time it gave her (Lara) motivation but she is very conceited and also likes to always be the center of attention, otherwise she will cry”, he commented on the social network.

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Do not think that everything is wonderful. Maia is very quick to help because she catches her eye. Lara is another story, she collected everything from the playroom, but at least 30 minutes she lingered and cried because she obviously got bored doing it alone. However, each one was responsible for a room and can’t just sit around doing nothing either.”, San Martín said at the beginning.