Andrea San Martín underwent a procedure to treat overweight caused by “anxiety and stress” | RMMN entertainment | SHOWS

Just over a year after undergoing liposuction, Andrea San Martin He revealed that he currently had problems with being overweight again, so he decided to undergo a “gastric balloon” to recover his figure.

The model turned to social networks to share this news with her followers and also explained the reasons that led her to be 13 kilos overweight.

I have been going through things, which I am not going to talk about, specifically on an emotional level, which have not been easy and that I am coping with help, however, this has generated a brutal anxiety in me, that I cannot control it as I usually could, it is quite a difficult mental job in times of pressure and stress”, commented the ex-host of “The Chinese Band”.

The influencer also explained that she decided to undergo this surgery because her overweight was already causing her health problems, in addition to that there is a history of chronic diseases in her family.

In my family I have a strong and close history of diabetes and thyroid, among other diseases”, he commented.

Revelation of Andrea San Martin
Andrea San Martín talks about her mental health

Finally, Andrea San Martin recognized that although diet and exercise are the basis for a healthy lifestyle, sometimes this type of ‘little help’ is required to reach the ideal weight.

Whether it’s with exercises, good nutrition, which in the end is the only way out, whether you have surgery or not, in the end everything leads you to maintain a good diet and have an exercise routine, but sometimes help is needed and this is my case”, he narrowed down.


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