Andrea Serna scolded Tarzan for a bad attitude that took out stone

‘Tarzán’, whose real name is Andrés Alfonso Miranda, has become one of the most controversial participants in the current season of ‘Desafío’ due to his multiple reactions.

The captain of ‘alpha’ has had several erratic episodes, such as when he started screaming when he was drunk after ‘Porto’, who was his partner, denied him a kiss in the Cube.

However, in chapter 39, in which it was recorded on camera how a woman grabbed a partner, the coastal participant starred in a new attitude that caused criticism.

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‘Challenge’: Andrea Serna scolded ‘Tarzán’ for bad attitude that took stone

‘Tarzan’, in the middle of the sentencing and services test of chapter 39, decided to lie down while a partner was in competition, which gave the presenter Andrea Serna a wake-up call.

“I don’t know what makes you laugh, ‘Tarzan’, but you are the captain and the idea was to support women because it is the cycle in which women are in danger,” he said about the behavior.

The subject did not go down well with the ‘alpha’ teammates either, and several of his colleagues were not only upset but made the claim, to which the man became defensive and even suggested his eventual exit from the competition in the Next Opportunity.

Criticism also made the name ‘Tarzan’ a trend, amid questions from users on Twitter who indicated that the man’s attitude becomes selfish when there is a food shortage.

This was a video of the full chapter with the man’s attitude and the presenter’s call for attention: