Andrea Valdiri’s father-in-law uploaded a video to Instagram and said what he thinks of her

In recent days, Andrea Valdiri has given something to talk about thanks to her marriage to Felipe Saruma. The couple got married a few weeks ago, and without a doubt, they threw the house out the window and made their guests very happy.

Since then, the eyes of his followers have been more fixed on his social networks, seeing how they spend their first days as husbands. That is why, for some, some of Felipe’s stories did not go unnoticed, in which his father appeared, Samuel Saruma.

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What Felipe Saruma’s father thinks about Andrea Valdiri

Felipe wanted his fans to ask him some questions, but for his father to answer them. And of course, many of them were related to Andrea Valdiri and what he thinks of his daughter-in-law. “What was your father’s reaction when you told him that you were dating a woman with two daughters?” It was one of them, to which Samuel himself replied that: “Fantastic, to celebrate it… because without looking for it, my God gave me two princesses. And in the house there has been no machismo, always equality, everyone equally.

In addition, he also referred to the fact that his son has married an older woman: “Why? For seven years? Because in this case the woman is older than the man? Is there a problem? Does maturity depend on age? Can’t one person teach the other being older or being younger? Is that what matters in this society?

In this way it was more than clear that Andrea Valdiri is well received in Felipe’s house and is loved by his in-laws.

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Andrea and Felipe got married on April 16, and with her speech during the wedding, the “influencer” moved the guests, and incidentally, showed all her love to her husband and life partner:

“This man took me out, gave me that light, motivated me. All pregnant women go through horrible times, incredible moods. He was there with me, he gave love to my daughters, he gave love to my family and he gave me what no one else has given me, which is love.