Andreas Gabalier: Fire brigade with shock message after the concert

Andreas Gabalier: worry after the concert in Munich! Fire brigade with depressing news

08/10/2022 at 10:23 p.m

Roland Kaiser, Andrea Berg and Co.: Millions dance to their pop hits

Roland Kaiser, Andrea Berg and Co.: Millions dance to their pop hits

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For the fans of Andrew Gabalier it was THE concert of the year. 90,000 people flocked to the Munich Exhibition Center on Saturday (August 6) to see the Volks Rock ‘n’ Rollers mega concert.

But as is so often the case with such huge events, joy and sorrow lie side by side. While tens of thousands watched the appearance of Andrew Gabalier enjoyed and celebrated, for a few fans of the Austrian hit star the evening ended in the hospital or with the paramedics.

Andreas Gabalier – concern after his mega concert in Munich

“12:10 a.m. There are many collapsed people at the shuttle station at the moment. The operations management reacted quickly and had the Johanniter Munich set up a medical station,” tweeted the Munich fire department on the night from Saturday to Sunday.


This is Andreas Gabalier:

  • Andreas Gabalier was born in Friesach, Austria in 1984
  • His greatest success is the song “Hulapalu”
  • Andreas Gabalier has released a total of six albums. His last album is called “Don’t Forget Me”
  • In 2019, Andreas Gabalier and his longtime girlfriend Silvia Schneider separated
  • Andreas Gabalier was in a relationship with the journalist for six years


Fortunately, there were no deaths, as the Munich fire department announced when asked. Why the people collapsed is also unclear.

Andreas Gabalier and his fans celebrate in Munich

Andreas Gabalier didn’t seem to have noticed any of this. On Instagram, the Schlager superstar was impressed by the mega concert in Munich. The 37-year-old shared several pictures of the performance. Wrote, among other things, “A piece of history” or “Munich unforgettable”.

The fans probably saw it that way too. “Absolute madness! The stage was a dream – gigantic! What you did there is just crazy,” writes one fan, for example. And another adds: “Thank you very much for this incredibly awesome concert! One I won’t soon forget!”


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