Andreas Türck: Successful without TV – the ex-moderator today

Someone like him could have become a professional athlete: father Jürgen an ice hockey player, he himself was a more than solid handball player with the second division team TuS Eintracht Wiesbaden, in the early 90s he was even in the squad of the Bundesliga team SG Wallau/Massenheim, but Andreas Türck should make a career on another floor .

Born on October 10, 1968, Gießener landed on RTL Hessen Live via SWR and Radio Salü, switched to ZDF in 1995, where he finally confidently followed in the big footsteps of the unforgettable Hans Rosenthal and was recognized for his “Dalli Dalli” moderation as “Best Young Presenter” for the ‘Telestar’ was moderated.

His final breakthrough came at ProSieben. Afternoon talk shows boomed from the mid-1990s, Türck thwarted the image of patent talkers and introduced the ‘Sonnyboy’ type into chatter format – quick-witted, charming, funny and, of course, extremely attractive.

“The most erotic TV man in Germany”

On March 23, 2004, the massive break in the career of “most erotic TV man in Germany” (Amica): Rape allegations circulated against Türck, ProSieben initially put him on leave, two months later he was dismissed. It was about an incident on August 25, 2002. The then 33-year-old was said to have raped a 26-year-old after visiting a disco in Frankfurt, in front of his companions, including his best friend at the time.

On September 8, 2005, the Frankfurt district court acquitted the television presenter of the charge of rape. Experts had questioned the credibility of the 29-year-old victim, and the court followed this assessment.

TV comeback on another station

Türck withdrew from the public in the course of the case, which was widely covered by the media. Nothing was seen or heard from him for eight years, at least as far as his work in front of the camera is concerned. Behind the scenes, he started a new career relatively quickly, having worked from 2007 as a partner in Pilot Entertainment, a Hamburg-based company for web TV productions. At the end of 2012, she made her TV comeback on Kabel.1, as a presenter of the magazine “Abenteuer Leben”.

That went on for over 200 episodes until Türck left at the end of 2017 to devote himself to a start-up called BuzzBird, in which ProSiebenSat.1-Media AG held a 42 percent stake. Buzzbird works in the field of influencer marketing and in June 2022 ProSiebenSat.1 bought 100 percent of the company. Since 2019 he has been involved in the protection of the world’s oceans as part of the non-profit organization Orange Ocean.

Is he starting out with music now?

And otherwise? Hardly anything leaks out privately, only via Instagram you get some insights into what the 53-year-old does: sunbathing, looking thoughtful in London, visiting the Barcelona stadium at Camp Nou, at the airport and on the red carpet, in a wool sweater, in casual clothes. At Tegernsee and in Hong Kong. And: With a guitar at the ready, it says “writing a new song”. “Sing, sing!!! ❤️” demands his fan jassi2_7_79.

Maybe that’s where the next step in your career lies. It wouldn’t be his first attempt: in 2001 he released the single “Shining Star”.