Andreina Martínez’s typical costume for Miss Universe is inspired by the palm tree cigua

Santo Domingo, DR.

The designer Leonel Lirio was inspired by the national bird cigua palmera to design the typical costume that Andreina Martínez, Miss Dominican Republic Universe, will wear in her participation as the country’s representative in the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Lirio has placed on a bronze tulle mesh, embroidered by hand, bronze, nude brown and gold feathers, similar to the natural designs that distinguish this endemic bird.

The two-time winner in this competition (2002 second place and 2003 first place), in addition to several honorable mentions, chose a Luxe motif where Martínez, with her charms and figure, will have an ornate beak on her head, designed with semiprecious stones in amber.

In addition, the wings are mounted in a circular way, in different sizes, intermingled with the ethnological Hispanic roots.

“The entire visual ensemble draws attention and highlights the slenderness, beauty, and stature of our representative,” explained Lirio.

The costume was created thanks to the coordination of Magali Febles and the financial support of the director of the National Needle Industry (Inaguja), Paul Almánzar Hued, who offered the facilities of that institution for the creation of the costume.