Andrés Cepeda reacted to the death of Haydée Barros, finalist of La voz senior

In 2021, Caracol Televisión premiered the first season of ‘La voz Senior’. Andrés Cepeda, Natalia Jiménez and Jesús Navarro were the coaches in charge of guiding the participants over 60 years of age, who arrived with the hope of becoming the best voices in the country.

The Colombian Andrés Cepeda brought his pupil Haydée Barros, an artist from Barranquilla, to the final. who from his blind audition surprised not only the coaches, but the public and viewers with his voice.

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What did Haydée Barros, finalist of the first season of ‘La voz senior’, die of?

On January 3, the news of the sudden death of Haydée Barros was released. At the age of 75, the artist was taken to the Trinidad Galán Clinic for severe chest pain, and while being examined she suffered a sudden heart attack, according to her son Jonathan.

It was learned that Haydée attended a medical appointment on December 27, and there they confirmed that she had high cholesterol and for that reason, she had to take care of herself. Although he managed to spend the New Year in complete normality, a general malaise caused him to go back to the clinic, where he unfortunately died last Tuesday.

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The news took his fans by surprise. His coach, the singer and composer Andrés Cepeda, He expressed his sadness through his social networks, where he has 3.3 million followers.

The Bogotá artist published a video where he compiled the best moments he shared with Haydée. In the post description he wrote: Rest in Peace Haydee. May the music accompany your path… A hug to family and friends”.

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His followers did not hesitate to comment on the publication that already has more than 12 thousand likes.”Q“How sad… but he shone with his voice”, “thank you Andrés Cepeda for sharing this unforgettable video of Mrs. Haydée, she sang tasty”, “she achieved her purpose before leaving, God’s plan is perfect. May you rest in peace ”,“ may the Lord have her in her Glory, strength for her Flia. She was one of the best participants in the Senior voice, with her beautiful voice ”,“ rest in peace Hayde tremendous woman worthy of admiration ”,“ she is already singing in heaven ”, These were some of the messages left on the networks by Internet users and those who followed the steps of the 75-year-old participant in La Voz Senior 2021.

Who was Haydée Barros, former finalist of ‘La Voz Senior’?

The former participant of the first season of La Voz Senior became known not only for the musical program, but also because her artistic life led her by the hand of Lucho Bermúdez, as she was part of his orchestra between 1965 and 1972. “Maestro Lucho Bermúdez needed a singer and Estercita Forero, who was my great friend, told him about me. I had never sung tropical music, but I had to sing the cumbia El pescador”, He said in an interview with The Voice. In addition, she also worked with the Ministry of Culture as a Cultural Manager.